My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Swipe My Card

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Hence, she sent the packaged items to Zhong Nuannuan, and her good attitude from earlier disappeared as she became less respectful now due to Zhong Nuannuan’s newly mistaken identity. “Come here Miss, here are your items, please pay here.”

Although she said it calmly, she had a questioning look in her eyes. After all, the items in their store were so expensive, yet the financial backer next to her was busy in conversation with the two ladies. Thus, she did not have to think twice to know that this woman would not be able to pay.

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at the snobbish attendant, and stayed still, becoming as steady as a mountain when faced with her “please” gesture.

“Miss, please pay your bill here.” The attendant called out again.

However, Zhong Nuannuan looked at Ou Mingxi and said happily, “Sister Ou, pay up.”

Ou Mingxi frowned unhappily, and finally acknowledged Zhong Nuannuan.

“You are so funny, why do you want me to pay for the items you’re buying?”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled and replied, “You mentioned that first come, last serve. If you fancy something before it is paid for, then naturally it’s yours. After that, you were the one who told the attendant to pack up the items for me, even though I never said that I wanted to buy it, so of course, you have to pay. Why should I have to pay?”

Ou Mingxi was angered by Zhong Nuannuan’s sophistry.

“Didn’t you want to buy these items in the first place? Now that I’ve given the items to you, you’re taking your undeserved gains for granted. Are you trying to cause trouble?”

Seeing that Ou Mingxi’s face had already darkened, Zhong Nuannuan maintained her infuriating smiling face.

“I fancied the items, and I was really planning to buy them, but didn’t you say that it doesn’t count if I haven’t paid yet? If it doesn’t count, then it doesn’t count. I’m young, so I don’t like to argue with unreasonable people. Since you want to buy them, I’ll grant you your wish.

“However, Sister Ou, you can’t be too arrogant. You can’t just openly grab the items you like from others just because your father is the Deputy Governor, and proceed to beautifully name it ‘first come, last serve’. Now that you don’t like these items anymore, you’re pushing it back to me, putting me in a position where I can’t refuse what you don’t want. After all, if I refuse, you’ll say that I’m causing trouble. Sister Ou, no matter how you look at this issue, the person who’s looking to cause trouble is you, right?”

Ou Mingxi had already witnessed Zhong Nuannuan’s retaliation skills last time out, and after being verbally attacked by her once again, she realized that apart from feeling angry, she could not utter a single word of rebuttal.

Feng Zitong, who was standing to the side, immediately stood up to help her cousin. “My cousin saw that Chi Yang wanted this item, and that’s why she gave it to you. She clearly likes these two bedding sets too, so how can you distort the truth and treat the items my cousin kindly gave you as if they were things she doesn’t want?”

Zhong Nuannuan chuckled. “Oh, so it turns out that if others fancy them, she can simply snatch them, but if Chi Yang fancies them, then she would happily relinquish them. If I didn’t know that she’s the Deputy Governor’s daughter and usually has many men pursuing her, I’d think that she’s short of men!”

“You!!!” Feng Zitong was boiling with rage. However, after a long time, she smiled with relief.

“Oh, you don’t want the bed sheets that my cousin fancied, so does it mean that you’ll give away anything my cousin likes, right? Understood. Cousin, it’s just two sets of bedding supplies, you can help this lady pay for the items.”

Feng Zitong’s words made Ou Mingxi happy, and she turned to the attendant with a triumphant smile. “Swipe my card.”

The attendant thought that the order was about to be cancelled, so now that she heard that someone willing to pay the bill, and that this person was the Deputy Governor’s daughter, she happily led the way for Ou Mingxi.