My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 254

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“She said that the Princess Syndrome has to be cured. As for you, you have to cure your bad hearing as well. How can you quarrel with others if you keep making people repeat themselves?”

Chi Yang summarized what his fiance meant, and relayed it to Feng Zitong impatiently.

Feng Zitong and Ou Mingxi were taken aback!

Zhong Nuannuan burst out in laughter. ‘He’s so domineering!’

Ou Mingxi had never thought that Chi Yang would treat her like this. She became so dizzy with anger that her vision turned black from his scolding, and she lost her composure.

On the other hand, Feng Zitong was completely enraged by Chi Yang’s attitude. “She said earlier that she didn’t want something my cousin was interested in, and that’s why my cousin paid for her. But what did she end up doing? She just took the items, and then turned her back on us, refusing to recognizing us anymore.”

“You’ve said it yourself: I just don’t want the ‘items’ that your cousin is fond of, it’s not that I dare not want them. I don’t want them because I disdain snatching such rotten things from her. However, this is my man, my fianc, the most precious treasure in my life, so why should I let your cousin have him just because she’s interested in him? Does she really think she’s a princess?

“If it only takes a fee of 20,000 dollars to be able to get a good man to say something, why is your princess still single at such an old age? It’s not like we’re in ancient times anymore, whereby we still treat men as objects and rob them openly in the streets. Fortunately, her father is just a deputy governor. If he was the governor, I reckon the Ou Family would treat all the good men in Jiang District as possessions and hide them in their love nests.”

“What did you just say?”

Feng Zitong was completely infuriated by Zhong Nuannuan’s words, but she could not find the words to retort with. In desperation, she rushed forward to slap Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannuan raised her hand, ready to grasp her opponent, when suddenly, Feng Zitong was kicked out of sight like a kite with a broken string.

Seeing Chi Yang slowly pulled back his foot, much to Zhong Nuannuan’s surprise!

D*mn! Her Big Brother Chi Yang actually hit a woman!

This was already her second time seeing Big Brother Chi Yang hit a woman! The first time, he had hit Zhong Qianqian.

‘He even hits women!’

Ou Mingxi was also completely bewildered.

Chi Yang actually hit women!

Moreover, he hit one of her people!

He had hit her cousin!

Ou Mingxi hurriedly stepped forward to help, and Feng Zitong cried out in pain and fear.

“Chi Yang, this is too much, you clearly know that she’s my cousin, and yet you still hit her. What’s the difference between hitting her and me?”

Chi Yang did not feel an ounce of guilt from hitting the woman at all, and he replied with a serious expression, “The difference is that you should be thankful you were not beaten today. Otherwise, I might have struck harder.”

“You!” Ou Mingxi was almost dying from anger, and she shouted, “You’re a man, a soldier, a military officer even! How can you hit women?”

“Miss Ou, there are surveillance cameras here. It was your cousin who wanted to hit my fiance, so I was just defending her. You also know that I’m a soldier, so in my eyes, there’s no distinction between man and woman. I view people only as good and bad, or between friend and foe.

“She was going to hit my fiance, so to me, she’s the enemy. Please don’t slander a military officer, otherwise, I won’t mind suing you for defamation.”

Ou Mingxi was aghast!

Ever since she was young, every man she was interested in had worshipped her like a queen, so she had never been treated so badly before.

Yet in the face of the powerful Chi Yang, the Chi Yang who even hit women, Ou Mingxi could not do anything despite feeling furious.

Zhong Nuannuan merely watched Chi Yang. People said that men who hit women were not real men, but why did she feel so attracted to this man at this moment?