My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Soft And Adorable Kitty

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“Why are you participating then? Just ignore them!”

“The more you ignore this kind of person, the more she will think that you are just letting your guard down. Thus, it’s better to say everything all at once in front of her father. Clarify everything now so that there will not be any trouble afterwards. I’ve made my intentions very clear. If they still don’t know how to behave, then there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Zhong Nuannuan knew what Chi Yang meant when he said “nothing we can do about it”. A warm feeling instantly appeared in her heart.

Her hand that she had pulled away in anger once again hooked around Chi Yang’s arm. She replied while smiling, “Then, I will participate with you too!”

“No.” Chi Yang refused without even batting an eyelid.

“Why? You’re just going there to give them a slap in the face, so just bring me with you! After all, I am an automatic face slapping tool. If you bring me, their faces will be slapped without you having to say a word.”

“You don’t know them. Many of them have gotten used to being in a high position and they are not used to being disrespected. If you go, they will easily direct their dissatisfaction of me unto you. I can’t always follow you around, and I’m afraid they will cause you trouble.”

He was not even afraid of the commander-in-chief of the Emperor District military base, let alone a deputy governor and a deputy commander-in-chief.

His only weakness was her.

He could not tolerate the slightest bit of aggression directed toward Zhong Nuannuan.

“I’m not as delicate as you think. And don’t forget, even if I don’t participate, Ou Mingxi knows who I am and what I look like. If you reject her, she will immediately transfer her hatred onto me. Hence, instead of me being hatefully remembered, how about I go out and do the deed myself?”

Looking at his eager wife, the wrinkles on Chi Yang’s solemn face deepened. His deep gaze emitted a faintly murderous intent.

If this was the case, then the other party would need to reconsider bearing any ill will toward his little wife, or be faced with his wrath.

“So, can I come or not?!”

Seeing Chi Yang had not spoken, Zhong Nuannuan started acting like a baby.

Looking at his cute little wife, who was as soft and cute as a kitten, Chi Yang felt that his heart had been melted away. There were only love and pampering left in his eyes.


Zhong Nuannuan got the result she wanted. She then went shopping with him happily.

Although there were not many things to buy, the two spent half the day shopping. In the end, they bought a car full of things.

After putting away the things they bought one by one, Chi Yang took Zhong Nuannuan to Lijing Mansion.

At six o’clock, they arrived at the front door of Lijing Mansion right on time.

“You go in first, I’ll come in later.”

Chi Yang was a bit hesitant, but then he heard Zhong Nuannuan continue, “The main character is always the last to appear.”

When it came to Zhong Nuannuan’s small requests, Chi Yang always fulfilled them unconditionally. Therefore, he went to the private room alone.

“BigBbrother, are you sure that Chi Yang will really come?”

In the private room, Ou Chenghe personally served Wang Gangyi some ginseng tea. Judging by the way they addressed each other, the two seemed to share a very good relationship.

Wang Gangyi took a sip of the tea before responding, ” I am also his commander. For me to ask him, a lower-level military officer, out for dinner is a way to show him respect. This should be an honor for him. How could he possibly miss my appointment?”

Ou Chenghe glanced at Ou Mingxi. After seeing the happiness his daughter was radiating, he replied, “I blame Mingxi for this.She knew that we were going to have dinner with Chi Yang tonight, yet she had a quarrel with him during the day. Isn’t she afraid that Chi Yang would be unwilling to come?”

Wang Gangyi was startled. “What happened?”