My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Incompatible

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“It wasn’t even a big deal, just a small dispute. Mingxi and Zitong went shopping, and when they saw something they liked they said they wanted to buy it. Who would have known that it was also something that Zhong Nuannuan had her eye on. Zhong Nuannuan ridiculed Mingxi, so, for Chi Yang’s sake, Mingxi generously gave the things back to her. However, she unexpectedly asked Mingxi to pay for it, saying that she hadn’t planned to buy the thing in the first place. Since Mingxi gave it to her and had asked the waiter to pack it up, then it should be Mingxi who should pay. ”

Wang Gangyi frowned deeply, “She’s too much.”

Feng Zitong suddenly interrupted, “That’s not even the whole story. The cousin sister saw that she didn’t want to pay the bill, but also noticed that the salesperson’s eyes were pitiful and unbearable. Hence, she went and paid for her and treated it as though she was giving face to Chi Yang. However, after that Zhong Nuannuan took the item, she threw it into the trashcan in front of us. At any rate, the item was worth more than 20,000. so I couldn’t look past it anymore. I ran forward to reason with her, but she scolded us quite terribly. It was very unpleasant. I approached her on impulse, trying to use my imposing aura to keep everyone under control, but Chi Yang swiftly kicked me aside.”

Wang Gangyi placed the teacup heavily on the table and said angrily, “It’s too shameful! How can he still be a soldier when he hits girls!”

Feng Zitong curled his lips and agreed, “My cousin sister asked him the same thing, but he said that he is a soldier, so in his eyes, the only distinction were people on his side or enemies. Since I tried to hurt his allies, I was his enemy.”

“Sure, he might be trying to make a distinction between one’s own people and the enemy, but at any rate, he is still a director-general. Why did he do such a stupid thing for a woman?”

“I don’t blame Chi Yang for this. You said he is a good man, so how could he simply stand aside as his fianc was wronged?” Ou Chenghe defended Chi Yang from the side, saying, “This matter is still mainly on Zitong. If she had not been so impulsive, things would not have turned out like this, and she would not have been beaten. Sigh, she is still too young.”

“I think Zhong Nuannuan is still to be blamed for this matter! As a future wife of military personnel, forget giving your fianc glory, she’s actually going around inciting hatred and causing trouble everywhere. People like her are not qualified to be the wife of a soldier! I really don’t know how the Deputy Commander-in-Chief and the Chief of Staff endorsed her.”

“Uncle Wang, when the Zhong family held a banquet over the weekend, I also saw the Deputy Commander-in-chief and the Chief of Staff of the special forces. They seemed to have a good relationship with Zhong Nuannuan.”

After Ou Mingxi expressed his concern, Ou Chenghe immediately replied, “Yes, Big Brother. At the time, you came out to help Mingxi as a matchmaker, but Zhong Nuannuan has already passed the political investigation. Although he is not married yet, the marriage is already protected. Could it…”

Wang Gangyi waved his hand dismissively. “To be honest, I was originally just a middleman for today’s dinner and was just going to help you to lead the line. As for what will happen to you in the future, I can’t make any guarantees. After all, Chi Yang’s marriage report has been approved, so even if I want to, I can’t force Chi Yang. Still…

“After hearing what you said today, I feel uneasy. Our good comrades, comrades-in-arms, and the outstanding talents cultivated by our army, if they are really being held back by such a woman, it will not only cause misfortune for the family, but also the special forces team. This misfortune could even be said to affect the entire country.

“Therefore, today I’ll be a matchmaker. Zhong Nuannuan is not worthy of Chi Yang. Even if Chi Yang doesn’t end up getting together with Mingxi, he and Zhong Nuannuan still can’t be allowed to be together. ”