My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 259

Chapter 259: To Plan

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“But his marriage report…”

“If he hasn’t gotten married yet, it’s all talk. The marriage report is just a matter of approval. If he doesn’t get married, it won’t take effect. As long as Chi Yang repents and resubmits the marriage application, the previous one will automatically become invalid.”

Ou Chenghe and Ou Mingxi’s eyes lit up, and Ou Chenghe said, “Brother, Mingxi’s future depends on you. If this thing can be done, Big Brother’s matters will become my matters in the future. To be honest, I really admire the soldier Chi Yang.”

“Exactly that! Not to mention, Jiang District’s military base is just a small one. There has never been an outstanding talent like Chi Yang. If you look at the whole country, there might only be one or two people better than Chi Yang. With Chi Yang around, the future is boundless.”

“Really?” Ou Chenghe’s eyes lit up. “I heard from Mingxi that Chi Yang’s identity is unusual.”

“I don’t know much about his identity. He doesn’t have a public background, and I wasn’t able to investigate it in-depth. After all, he always hates these sorts of things the most.

“The news I got is that his parents died and he was an orphan. His grandfather used to live in the countryside and now lives with him in Emperor District. His background…it shouldn’t be that deep.”

Ou Mingxi was a little dumbfounded. “But doesn’t he have a good relationship with the commander-in-chief?”

“It’s good. But that’s because he was his instructor that he can have his present achievements. It seems that it was the commander-in-chief who had pulled him up with one hand. Don’t just look at our commander-in-chief’s being all sickly now. It’s said that when he was young, he was just like Chi Yang. He was an instructor for the special forces team too, so when he came to Jiang District, he brought Chi Yang over too.”

Ou Chenghe hesitated. “Big Brother, then what do you think… what is Chi Yang’s future?”

“He is now the director-general at the age of 26 and he is serving as the chief instructor of the special forces team. As the deputy commander, I am not qualified to control him. He is under the direct control of the commander-in-chief.

“If you want to be promoted in our military base, you must have merit. This Chi Yang is someone with the most achievements and who has received the most merits. With his talents, and with the commander-in-chief guiding him from above, he will at least end up being a major general in the future. If nothing untoward occurs, he should be promoted to lieutenant general. If he has other major meritorious services in the future and that there continues to be people from above helping him, it is not impossible for him to be a general. After all, being young is a resource.

“But that is only if he is escorted by the commander-in chief. As you know, our commander-in-chief rushed to retreat from Emperor District to Jiang District because of a physical breakdown. According to some reliable sources, his liver cirrhosis has reached a very serious level. They give him a year at most before it becomes a cancer. I also heard that three weeks ago the commander-in-chief had said that he got so annoyed by the pain that he went to the hospital and found that the liver had already permeated a little. Although it was discovered early and the permeation was stopped in time, had the permeation not been suppressed, it would have led to liver ascites immediately afterwards. If the permeation deepened, he would have died without even having to wait for cancer. ”

“If the commander-in-chief dies, Chi Yang would be all alone. With Chi Yang’s rather unflappable temperament, I’m guessing he would have offend a lot of people. Even if he is not guilty, look at how many people he angered in the airborne military base? If there are really people at that time who want to mess with him, but there is no one around him to protect him… forget lieutenant general, he might struggle to even become major general.”

“Brother, won’t you still be around? As long as you can guide Chi Yang, there probably won’t be many people in the entire military who can mess with him.”