My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 260

Chapter 260: The Arrival Of Chi Yang

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“You say it like it is easy. You are a governor as well, aren’t you clear about the severity of the situation as well? Nothing has even happened to the commander-in-chief yet, but those below are already ready to make trouble. If his illness worsens, won’t those two people make any movements? When that happens I will be overwhelmed, how will I be able to cover for him?”

“But this marriage, how are we supposed to treat it? If we take down Chi Yang now, we from the Ou family would have to stand by the side of Chi Yang. But if anything were to happen to him brother, I can’t gamble my entire life into this! Mingxi, how about we just let this go!”

As an experienced government official, he understood clearly what Wang Ganyi was trying to express. Although they needed Wang Gangyi to take the lead in order to get things done, it was a win-win situation. Besides, if anything bad were to happen, the blame would fall on the Ou family. Therefore, Wang Gangyi should be even more serious towards this business that would only benefit him.

And so, Ou Chenghe took a step back.

There were some things that he needed Wang Gangyi to speak out about. This way, they would be on equal ground in the future; he, Ou Chenghe would not as if he were a head shorter than him anymore.

As expected, once he heard Ou Chenghe say so, he could not help jumping into the trap that had been set up for him.

Although he was calling Ou Chenghe a sly old fox inwardly, he opened his mouth to say with utmost sincerity,

“You can’t say that for sure. I’m just talking about what may happen, if you let go of such a wonderful son-in-law, wouldn’t you feel so much regret if Chi Yang were to become commander-in-chief?”

At this point, if Wang Gangyi still would not make his position known, Ou Chenghe would just help him declare his position.

“Then we’ll benefit mutually! If Big Brother will teach us the operation methods, we will give you a hand along with Chi Yang. Didn’t you say that the commander-in-chief is going to die soon? Chi Yang has a good relationship with the commander-in-chief. I’ll get him to speak good things about you in front of him when the time comes, and persuade him to recommend you to be commander-in-chief after he retreats. Once you’re commander-in-chief, you’ll help Chi Yang gain his position as deputy commander-in-chief, how about that?”

Wang Gangyi immediately accepted the olive branch extended by Ou Chenghe. “If I can successfully claim that position, there won’t be any need for you guys to mention it, I will personally build influence, so that Chi Yang will be the best candidate when the time comes.”

Ou Chenghe laughed out loud. “Then it’s settled!”


Just like that, the rest of Chi Yang’s life was determined by these few folks.

From their perspective, things would be fine as long as they were the ones who made the decisions. As for Chi Yang, it did not matter if the commander-in-chief died or not, for he would still be able to become deputy commander-in-chief, there would be no risk for him. Nobody would give up such a good chance.

So when Chi Yang arrived, everyone gazed at him intently.

“Chi Yang, you’ve arrived!”

Looking at the handsome, steadfast man who was standing as straight as a ramrod, Ou Mingxi felt inexplicable pride. She felt as if she had played a part in helping a man attain a glorious life.

At that moment, she saw herself as the wife of the deputy commander-in-chief, and even as the wife of the future commander-in-chief.

One should know that being the wife of the commander-in-chief was even more eye-catching than being the wife of a governor.

Striding gracefully, Ou Mingxi walked over to Chi Yang’s side, and attempted to take his bag from his hands.

However, as her hands reached over, just before she had managed to get a hold of his bag, Chi Yang flinched away.

“Miss Ou, what do you want to do?”

Were her intentions to take the bag with her own two hands not obvious?