My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Slap In The Face

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However, because he had not classified this woman as an enemy yet, he had not paid much attention to this person’s matters. When he suddenly heard the name “Mingxi”, he did not equate it to Ou Mingxi at all. After all, in his mind, this woman was just named Ou Mingxi.

Thus, he had simply assumed that Ou Chenghe and Wang Gangyi knew some of his comrades’ siblings or something.

The faces of all the people at the table darkened with anger at Chi Yang’s serious but dumbfounded expression.

However, the most infuriating thing was yet to come.

When Chi Yang recovered, he said to Ou Chenghe with a solemn expression, “Deputy Governor Ou, my relationship with Ou Mingxi is not so close to the point that I can call you ‘Uncle’. At the military base, although I am one military rank lower than Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, we still get along as equals, so I hope that you can extend me some basic respect, Deputy Governor Ou.”

Wang Gangyi, Ou Chenghe, and Ou Mingxi were shocked!

“Haha, I just saw that you’re young and are about the same age as my daughter. Moreover, you’re friends with Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, so I thought of bringing our relationship closer. If I’ve offended you, please forgive me.”

Wang Gangyi saw that Chi Yang did not show Ou Chenghe any respect at all, and he felt very dissatisfied. After all, he was their middleman, and Chi Yang should at least have some consideration for him. Hence, when Chi Yang did not treat Ou Chenghe honorably, it meant that he was also disrespected. Therefore, he immediately started to put up his bureaucratic front.

“Chi Yang, I already heard of what happened in the mall this morning. This incident should stay in the past; you’re not at fault, it’s Zhong Nuannuan who’s in the wrong. You’re a man, and even a soldier, so you shouldn’t keep frowning in front of the ladies, am I right? Mingxi and Zitong are both here this evening, so, as a gentleman, shouldn’t you say something?”

Before Chi Yang had time to speak, Ou Chenghe started to smile and mediate the dispute again. “Say something? There’s no need for that, friendship grows from an exchange of blows, young man! Waiter, serve the dishes.”

“Sure.” The waiter immediately brought the prepared dishes.

Chi Yang glared at Wang Gangyi as an icy gaze shot out from his deep pupils.

At this moment, three cold dishes had already been served, and Ou Chenghe announced, “Come, we’re all family here, let’s begin our meal. Chi Yang, have a taste of this. This is Lijing Mansion’s specialty dish, the leaders in Emperor District are always full of praise for this cold dish.”

However, when he said this, Chi Yang ignored him and looked at Wang Gangyi instead.

“Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, I think you may have made a mistake. Today’s incident in the mall was caused by Ou Mingxi, and the woman next to her helped to fuel the fire. What does this have to do with my fiance? If you don’t know my fiance, please stop slinging mud at her, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang.”

Wang Gangyi was stunned by Chi Yang’s words.

It was said that superior officials could crush inferior officials with their rank in the administrative office, and this situation was even truer in the military base. After all, a soldier’s basic duty was to obey their superiors’ orders.

As the military base’s deputy commander-in-chief, apart from the commander-in-chief and chief of staff, no one in the military base would dare to disobey his orders. Everyone treated him with respect. Even if the confidants of the few other deputy commander-in-chiefs were not under his command, they still had to agree with him overtly, and would only oppose him in secret. At the very least, their attitude was correct.

However, ever since Chi Yang first entered up to the present moment, he had acted like an elder uncle, and did not treat him as a superior at all.

At this moment, Wang Gangyi’s temper also flared…