My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Manliness

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Ou Chenghe’s hand, which held the tea, paused slightly.

Even if he could accept the previous face-slaps, this upgraded face-slap was completely out of hand. At the moment, he was unable to control himself or justify it to himself.

His facial expression also completely darkened, like Wang Gangyi.

“Chi Yang, don’t go overboard. Today’s incident was clearly started by Zhong Nuannuan, but not only did you not blame her, you even allowed her to mess around. My father and Uncle Wang have already thrown you a rope out of good faith, but you’re still being unreasonable. Isn’t this too unmasculine of you?”

Ou Mingxi could not help herself at all as she felt that she was just too shameless. Not only did she get insulted, she even caused her father and Uncle Wang, two high-ranked and self-conscious people, to get slapped in the face. This was just too much!

Although she had already targeted this man and did not intend to give up, men had to be scolded when necessary. Even if she was the one pursuing him, she could not give him too much respect.

“Manliness?” Chi Yang asked back, “What’s that?”

Ou Mingxi was at a loss for words.

“Does Miss Ou think that manliness is to stand aside and keep quiet when my fiance is bullied? Am I simply to let the two of you bully my fiance whilst maintaining a gentlemanly demeanor whilst you persuade your cousin to slap my fiance? If manliness means I am supposed to stand by as the two of you beat her up, then sorry, I’d rather be a villain with no masculinity, rather than let my fianc suffer at all.”

Everyone fell silent.

Zhong Nuannuan was listening to their conversation outside the door the entire time.

To be honest, although Chi Yang was terrifying and had an icy aura around him, he was not a person who casually bullied the weak.

As he was a soldier, the justice engraved in his bones ensured he would never bully others despite being extremely powerful.

Although she felt relieved at him kicking the physically weak Feng Zitong today, she was still surprised.

Now that she heard Chi Yang’s explanation for his actions today, Zhong Nuannuan felt as though she was being surrounded by a warm current.

Everyone was so angry at Chi Yang that they could not say anything.

At this moment, Zhong Nuannuan received Chi Yang’s text message. Thus, she pushed the door open and walked in.

When everyone saw Chi Yang stand up, then reach out to take Zhong Nuannuan’s hand before walking over and sitting down pompously, their complexions sank to the point where it could not possibly get any darker.

Especially for Ou Mingxi and Feng Zitong.

After this, Chi Yang introduced Zhong Nuannuan, “Nuannuan, this is Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang from our military base.”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled politely. “Hello, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang.”

Wang Gangyi was lost for words.

He had never been slapped in the face like this before. Wang Gangyi did not know where to vent the anger in his heart, and took a deep breath before speaking.

“Lil Chi, I think you should have understand my intentions in inviting you to come over today, right? You clearly understood what I meant, and yet you still brought Zhong Nuannuan with you. Are you really disregarding me?”

“Why, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, didn’t you seek me out to act as an intermediary so that Ou Mingxi and Feng Zitong could apologize to my Nuannuan?”

Wang Gangyi was speechless, and he forcefully suppressed his anger before nodding. “Okay, Lil Chi, since you’ve also brought Nuannuan, that’s even better. Bright men do not speak in secret, so let’s talk while Zhong Nuannuan is here as well.

“Let me talk about today’s incidents first. If it wasn’t for Zhong Nuannuan, you would not have had a conflict with Mingxi and Zitong today. Zhong Nuannuan is a quasi-future military wife!”