My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Double Standards

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“As a quasi-military wife, not only did she fail to think of a way to calm your temper when an incident was about to happen, she even instigated you to heighten the situation. If you really marry such a woman, not only would she be unable to offer you any help, she’ll often put you in a passive position instead. Therefore, as a chief officer of the military base, I have my doubts about this relationship between you and her.

“Secondly, let’s talk about things that happened in the past. I heard that Zhong Nuannuan pushed one of her classmates down the stairs before, causing the male student to fall to his death, and Zhong Nuannuan also went to jail for a month because of this. Chi Yang, you’re a military officer with a promising future, so how can you marry a condemned woman with a criminal record? This is the second reason why I have doubts about your relationship with her.

“Besides, although Zhong Nuannuan’s family is pretty good, her mother is a shareholder of Cloud Group, but her father is only a commander, and will not boost your career in any way. With her father’s current position, he might even have to rely on you in the future. However, Mingxi is different, Deputy Governor Ou has a close relationship with the governors of many states, and even has relations in Emperor District, while Deputy Governor Ou and I are also as close as brothers.

“Chi Yang, I know that you’re a hard-hearted and capable soldier, and you speak straightforwardly, so Deputy Governor Ou and I can forget all the offensive things you said from the moment you entered the door until now.

“I believe that you didn’t manage to gain the high position of director-general just by brute force alone. Therefore, I believe you’ll make the right choice in deciding which side is more beneficial to you.”

After saying that, Wang Gangyi looked at Zhong Nuannuan again. “As for you, if you really love him, then you should let him fulfill his dreams instead of binding him to you selfishly.

“Look at him, not only does he have to deal with having a suspected murderer as a fiance for your sake, he even has to pay for your occasional impulsiveness.

“If you love someone, you should help him. If you can’t help him, but instead constantly hold him back, then even though this marriage might start because of love, it definitely won’t end well.

“Therefore, in front of you today, as a deputy commander-in-chief, I solemnly urge you and hope you can withdraw from the marriage. You’re not a match for Chi Yang.”

Zhong Nuannuan also felt that this was enough. She was just about to retaliate when Chi Yang gently squeezed her hand tightly, preventing her from speaking.

“Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, you said that as a quasi-military wife, my Nuannuan not only failed to think of calming tempers when an incident happened, but even heightened the situation, and that’s why you don’t view her favourably. According to what you said, even if my partner is angry, she should remain patient because she’s a military wife, right?”

Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang did not even think about his reply. “Of course! This is the basic quality of being a military wife!”

“That’s good. I’ll take Nuannuan to Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang’s house, let her slap your wife a few times, then maim her tonight. Don’t be angry when that happens, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang.”

“You’re presumptuous!” Wang Gangyi slammed the teacup onto the table heavily again to show his anger.

“How was I presumptuous? Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, didn’t you just say that a military wife should practice tolerance even if she’s angry? Why should the wives of other soldiers be like this, but when the same thing is suggested to Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, it’s presumptuous?

“Does the commander-in-chief know that Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang is a person who allows one to steal a horse while not allowing another to look over the hedge? (TN: Basically a hypocrite.) Don’t you feel ashamed for treating your subordinates with such double standards? ”