My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Upgraded Face-Slap
“I only said that I was going to hit Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang’s wife once, and you’re already yelling at me. Don’t forget that this woman next to Ou Mingxi almost slapped my fiance’s face today!

“People say not to slap someone’s face when you’re hitting them, yet now you’re saying that my fiance is still not tolerant enough. What kind of nonsense is that, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang? Do you want me to learn from Jesus, and turn the other cheek right after getting slapped, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang? If a military wife must do this to be qualified, then why aren’t you allowing your wife to be beaten, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang?

“Besides, according to what Ou Mingxi said earlier, she bullied my partner, and if I fight back, I don’t have a masculine temperament. I haven’t beaten your wife just now, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, I only talked about it, but you’re already furious. If this is the case, then aren’t you a little lacking in temperament as a man, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang?”

Wang Gangyi and Ou Mingxi were shocked!

“So going back to your first point, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang: If you want to talk about my fiance verbally attacking them and me hitting that girl, to put it nicely, they were looking for trouble. Put simply, they were shameless, so even if they suffered, they deserved it. Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, do you think I, as director-general of the military base’s Department of Special Forces Team, should look for a woman who’s a shameless troublemaker, instead of a woman who would never back down, and solve problems as they come? You’re trying so hard to push a shameless, troublemaking woman onto me, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, so I have to ask, what exactly are your intentions?”

Seeing that everyone was speechless, Chi Yang’s expression became colder.

‘You think this is over?’

“Secondly! My Nuannuan was acquitted by the court. Even the court ruled that Nuannuan was innocent, but here you are, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, saying that my Nuannuan has a criminal record, which should be criticized. Can I sue you for defamation, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang? No matter what a soldier says or does, he represents the military base and the country’s image. Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, you’re lashing out at a girl who has no grudges against you with baseless accusations. Aren’t you being a bit too irresponsible?”

Wang Gangyi’s face was pitch black at that moment, and he could not utter a single word.

“Also, I, Chi Yang, fight for whatever I want to with my own ability. I’ve always felt disdain for trickery, and I feel the utmost hatred for cliques. Since you’ve invited me to this meal, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang, I’ll also remind you of this out of the kindness of my heart. Although friends can be made, it’s best not to form cliques. Otherwise, if any part of the process goes wrong, the skyscrapers you’ve worked so hard to build for yourself might crumble to dust overnight, Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang.”

At this moment, Wang Gangyi felt that there was a mouthful of phlegm stuck in his throat. He could not cough it up nor swallow it, and his face was flushed.

However, by now, Chi Yang had already turned his attention to Ou Chenghe.

“Deputy Governor Ou, I don’t know you, nor am I familiar with you, so I don’t have much to say. Nevertheless, Ou Mingxi has provoked my partner more than once, and this makes me very unhappy. Everyone has their own temper, so for Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang’s sake, I am willing to ignore past incidences. However, please discipline your daughter from now on, and don’t let her provoke my partner anymore. If she still causes trouble in the future, then you’re slapping me, Chi Yang’s face. If that happens, forget you, I won’t even show any respect to Deputy Commander-in-chief Wang’s feelings.

“Let’s assume I’ve already eaten this meal. From now onwards, let’s not interfere in each other’s affairs, and I will also no longer think about today’s incidents.”

After he finished speaking, Chi Yang took Zhong Nuannuan’s hand, got up and left, leaving a room full of people with expressions as dark as ink.