My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Obsession

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It was not until Chi Yang had let Zhong Nuannuan far away that Wang Gangyi awoke from his anger, took up the teacup and threw it onto the door, eliciting a crisp crashing sound.

At this moment, the table of people who had originally imagined becoming family with Chi Yang all had their faces beaten to the point of aching.

Ou Chenghe was the first to calm down from his anger, and he said to Ou Mingxi, “Don’t ever mention Chi Yang again, our family is not fated to be with him. As for Zhong Nuannuan, don’t cause any more conflicts or quarrels with her again. This Chi Yang is not someone you can handle, you and him are not compatible.”

Although Chi Yang’s words made him, as a deputy governor, feel very embarrassed, and were like slaps to his face, his sixth sense of seeking advantages and avoiding pitfalls that had developed over the years made him feel that this Chi Yang was a ruthless character, and was not someone to be trifled with. If he were to ever provoke him, it would not be that easy for him to get away.

Therefore, since he had no intention for his daughter to pursue him, his personal thoughts were the same as what Chi Yang had saidthey should not interfere in each other’s business from now on. Although they could not become a family, at least they were not enemies.

However, Ou Chenghe’s thoughts were different from Wang Gangyi’s, and was even contrary to that of his daughter, Ou Mingxi.

“I won’t give up!” Ou Mingxi stated her determination on the spot. “I’ll never give up on Chi Yang. He’s such an outstanding person, so why should I give up on him? Which part of Zhong Nuannuan is better than me? She can’t compare to me in any aspect, so why can she get Chi Yang’s love, but I can’t? I’m not happy at all.”

Ou Chenghe was just about to teach his daughter a lesson when Wang Gangyi also stood on Ou Mingxi’s side. “I support Mingxi’s decision! Hmph, who does he think he is? Even if he has a good relationship with the commander-in-chief, he’s not at the same rank as me, a deputy commander-in-chief! How dare he disrespect me like this, and even threaten to go to my house and beat my wife? He’s just too detestable, just too arrogant!

“If a person like him won’t become Mingxi’s man and become one of us, then I definitely won’t let him run wild. No matter how high he flies or how arrogant he is, he’s just a small captain in front of me.”

“Uncle Wang, don’t be angry, I apologize to you on his behalf. Although Chi Yang’s words today were very infuriating, but you can also think about this from another perspective. Not only is Chi Yang unafraid of things, he’s also extremely protective of the weak. He’s protecting Zhong Nuannuan and angering us to death now, but if he gets together with me, then wouldn’t he start covering up my shortcomings? A person like him who is unafraid of anyone will make others stomp their feet in anger if he becomes one of us. In short, I’ve already set my mind on him, I’ll definitely fix him.”

Ou Chenghe looked at his daughter, but he was not as confident as her. “I’m afraid that no matter how hard you work, he won’t become your man. A person like him has one of life’s biggest advantages and disadvantages, which is stubbornness. Once he has decided on a person or matter, it’s not easy to change his mind.”

“Dad, can you stop boosting other people’s morale whilst reducing your own aspirations? Do you know how he got together with Zhong Nuannuan? At first, Zhong Kuijun wanted to introduce him to Zhong Qianqian, but he didn’t have any feelings for Zhong Qianqian, so Zhong Qianqian drugged him. It was only after he raped Zhong Nuannuan that he made a marriage report. The two of them have only met each other not too long ago, so how deep can their relationship be?

“He’s treating Zhong Nuannuan like this because he feels that he owed her. On the other hand, one could think of it as male chauvinism. You have to have faith in your daughter! If he’s really a wuss, I’ll look down on him!”