My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Protect

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Wang Gangyi was humored by Ou Mingxi. “Young Brother Ou, the new generation surpasses the old. It looks like you, the deputy governor, seem to be inferior to your daughter!”

Ou Chenghe laughed.

“Mingxi has been a thoughtful person since she was young, so her mother and I didn’t have to worry about her much. Previously, I was thinking of letting her seek out a good family to marry after her graduation, but she wasn’t happy and insisted on following me into the administrative office. Now, she’s already a section chief at the age of 23.”

Wang Gangyi smiled and praised, “Train her well, as Mingxi’s path might end up brighter than yours in the future.”

“I hope so. Actually, I don’t have much to ask of her, I just hope that she can be happy.” Ou Chenghe looked at Ou Mingxi with a vaguely worried expression. He did not know whether today’s decision was right or wrong.

“Uncle Wang, I’ll pursue Chi Yang from today onwards, if I need anything from Uncle Wang, you must help me.”

“Of course!”

After thinking about it, Wang Gangyi stopped being angry.

If Chi Yang followed his orders, he would just have to wait for Ou Mingxi to fix him, then he would call Chi Yang again and make him grease the wheels with the commander-in-chief on his behalf. If he preferred to face the consequences, then he should not be blamed him for making the latter’s life difficult.

Chi Yang and Nuannuan did not know about the situation in the room.

After exiting the Brocade Hall, Zhong Nuannuan held Chi Yang’s arm and smiled until her eyes curved into crescents.

“I didn’t expect my Big Brother Chi Yang to have such powerful combat abilities. Before this, I always thought that Big Brother Chi Yang was the type of person who doesn’t like to talk much, and solves his problems with his fists.”

Chi Yang rubbed her bun hairstyle fondly. He did not know why, but he just liked the feeling of seeing a cute bun on her head. It always gave him the urge to pull her hair.

“I wanted to use my fists to solve the problem, but isn’t he my boss? That’s why I gave him some level of respect earlier. If he doesn’t heed my respects, then I’ll use my fists to solve the problem next time.”

Chi Yang’s words caused Zhong Nuannuan to giggle. Watching the girl’s youthful and charming appearance, Chi Yang could not help but raise the corners of his lips. “Aren’t you afraid that I won’t be able to withstand my superiors’ coercion and succumb to their despotic powers?”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled, then clasped Chi Yang’s arm tightly and said, “My man is the best, most powerful and most outstanding person in the world, nobody can compare to him. How could he succumb to that old man’s tyrannical powers? I think it’d be more likely that he’d surrender to you!”

Chi Yang looked at her nose, which wrinkled as she spoke. It looked really cute, and he could not help but stick out his index finger and poke the tip of her delicate nose. Her smooth, his fingertips bounced off her little nose, and Chi Yang could not help but tug at her nose again. “You mischevious girl!”

Zhong Nuannuan was laughing and joking, and did not seem worried about being threatened at all.

“You can rest assured, they won’t dare to attack me, even if they do, they can’t deal with me. As for you, I’ll find someone to protect you, so don’t worry.”

Zhong Nuannuan was startled, and waved her hand quickly. “No, there’s no need for that, I have the ability to take care of myself, so don’t worry about me.”

Zhong Nuannuan started to sweat. If Chi Yang found someone to follow and protect her, should she just let the other party track her?

However, if she was being followed, how could she secretly deal with her enemies? Most importantly, how could she contact Aiden and Selina?

This was a big problem!