My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 269

Chapter 269: Sky

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Chi Yang pinched her small nose again. “How can a girl like you, who gets scared when my soldiers laugh out loud, protect yourself? Do you really think that you can fight against ten people just because you’ve planted seedlings in the fields before, and have strong arms?”

Zhong Nuannuan thought, ‘…That’s just an excuse, I didn’t plant seedlings in the rice fields!’

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang with a cute expression. Her eyes were big and watery, and she looked so harmless, like a small baby. This made him want to reach out to touch her hair again.

No matter from what angle, his girl looked like a little cat. She was gentle and well-behaved in front of him, but when faced with someone she did not like, it did not matter powerful the other party was, she would always stretch out her little paw and scratch them twice. Although she was witty and clever, to him, she was always the type who was obedient, cute and easy to knock down.

How could he allow his cute little cat to endure the bad things in the outside world? How could he possibly let his girl endure the hardships and dangers posed by others?

Zhong Nuannuan could not help but bite her lip, and her face crumpled up in dismay. “Although you’re the chief of the special forces team, you’ll be using the special forces’ resources to protect me 24 hours a day and become my personal bodyguard That isn’t good, right?”

At the end of the day, Chi Yang’s emotional intelligence was still a little worrying. He regarded Zhong Nuannuan’s refusal as a reluctant welcoming, and he replied lovingly, “Do you think that your man’s abilities are so limited?”

Zhong Nuannuan replied, “…Of course not, I’m just mentioning it.”

“If I dared to bring you here to cause trouble, I would definitely have a way to deal with what happens next. Don’t worry, soldiers are resources of the country, and I won’t misuse them. However, apart from soldiers, I have my own men by my side as well. Thus, even if the sky falls down, I’ll hold it up for you, so don’t worry.”

Chi Yang’s words warmed Zhong Nuannuan’s heart.

She was not afraid of the sky falling down because he was her sky!

Even when all the muscles in the body began to tire and atrophy due to the toxins injected into her body, this man could still rush into KE’s lair single-handedly and rescue her from the hands of more than 300 world-class mercenaries using his own abilities.

Although they died in the jungle only three kilometers away from the national border, she relied on him throughout the entire journey of escaping over 100 kilometers.

She just lay on his back, listening to his heavy panting, while he ran toward the border step by step. Even though he was absolutely drained, he never put her down. Instead, he kept using ropes to tie her body to him, such that they were never separated for a second. At that moment, she would not feel afraid even if the sky fell.

However, what she did not know was that when she was passed out from Jiang Shuwan’s tea, not only did the enemy inject her with neurotoxins for muscle atrophy, they also implanted tracking chips into her body to prevent her from counter attacking after waking up. Hence, no matter how much they ran, they could not escape.

When the enemies finally surrounded them and they were unable to fight back, he could clearly choose to abandon her and escape on his own, but he quickly untied the rope between them instead. She was originally carried on his back, but during that last moment, she was protected in his arms. When he was riddled with bullets from all directions, she realized that her sky had fallen.

Hence, she believed in his promise that he would hold up the sky for her even if it fell.

This was a man who valued her life more than his own.

Seeing that Zhong Nuannuan did not say anything, Chi Yang was afraid that she might feel embarrassed or inconvenienced, so he said, “You don’t need to feel uncomfortable.”