My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Feeding His Fiancee

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Seeing the joy in his fiancee’s eyes, a gentle smile spread across Chi Yang’s eyes.

“As long as you like it.”

Then, he politely pulled out the chair in front of her. After letting her sit down, Chi Yang sat next to her and then said to the waiter, “Serve the hot dishes, hurry up.”

The waiter, who was ready to pour out wine, was speechless.

‘Big Brother, we’re eating Western food tonight!’

The waiter in charge of pouring wine glanced at his supervisor, and under the other party’s signal, he accelerated the speed of his wine pouring. While pouring the wine, he said, “I will serve the appetizers for the two of you right away.”

Almost as soon as he said this, the appetizers were served.

The plates were big, yet its serving size was very small. Although it looked exquisite, for the hungry Zhong Nuannuan, this serving was not even enough to plug the gaps in her teeth.

In order to prevent her appetizer plate from looking even cleaner than a washed one, when the soup arrived, Zhong Nuannuan could only slow down her eating.

After all, at such an elegant place, she had to behave dignified as well, so as to not embarrass her Big Brother Chi Yang.

Chi Yang looked at his fiance. Although she was eating carelessly, there was an unconcealable elegance that was brought out when he slowed her pace. It was an elegance that was exuded from deep within her bones.

Chi Yang was startled. How could a girl that was trafficked to the farming district since young have such an elegant side?

However, he quickly dismissed this sense of uncertainty. This was because he could detect his fiance’s impatience despite her calm exterior.

“Waiter, quickly serve up the hot dishes, we’re hungry.”

The supervisor was lost for words.

‘After spending more than one million dollars to decorate a banquet in a sea of flowers, you want to destroy your own image like this?’

“Okay sir, please wait for a minute, the soup will arrive immediately.” The supervisor stepped forward to serve him personally.

“I want hot dishes, not soup. Hurry up and serve the hot dishes.”

“No problem sir, we’ll serve up the soup and hot dishes immediately.”

The supervisor had no choice. He originally wanted to make the atmosphere a little more romantic, but unfortunately, the other party kept asking for the food to be served faster.

Therefore, when the soup and hot dishes were served at the same time, light music performed by the band not far away started to play as well.

However, Chi Yang did not have the time to listen, as he had never studied such things before. His only concern was Why was there so little meat? How could his fiance spend time with him without having enough to eat?

He felt that all these dishes combined had less content than the plate of braised pork he had made the night before.

[Xiao Shenbin, what the hell are you doing? What kind of rotten dishes are you serving?]

While his fiance was eating, Chi Yang sent a text message to his friend. The other party’s reply arrived almost a second later.

[Boss, is there anything wrong with the dishes? I know that you were going to invite sister-in-law for a meal, so these dishes were made with the best ingredients in the world.]

When Chi Yang saw the message, his expression darkened. [There’s not enough meat. Add more meat.]

[Boss, you’re also a shareholder, so you know how many top-grade ingredients the hotel imports every day. Today, we only bought 1400 ounces of premium Kobe beef, all of which have been sent to your table. There’s no extra meat left!]

[Nonsense, is there nothing else that’s delicious in this hotel apart from Kobe beef? Serve anything tasty immediately. I want meaty food.]

[Boss, the roasted whole lamb and roasted suckling pig are delicious and meaty, but the problem is, do you want it?]

[Serve both of them!]


Almost as soon as the two finished their exchange, the supervisor received a call, and then hurriedly arranged for the top chef to serve the freshly roasted whole lamb to the VIP guests here.

When a whole lamb roasted to the point of dripping golden oil was served on the crystal table while exuding a mouth-watering fragrance, Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes lit up.