My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 272

Chapter 272: The Proposal Ring

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“Aside from the lamb roast, there’s also the pig roast.”

Chi Yang’s words were like music to her ears, which made the listening Zhong Nuannuan smile brightly.

A top-quality western meal served alongside a juicy whole lamb roast; just a moment ago, she was still portrayed as an elegant lady, yet in the next moment, the gloves were on and one of the lamb’s legs was torn apart. No matter how one looked at it, her behavior just looked out of place. Yet, in Chi Yang’s eyes, this was the true Zhong Nuannuan he knew, the one that never put up an act.


Zhong Nuannuan passed the lamb’s leg to Chi Yang while he happily took it from his newly wedded wife’s hands. Immediately he lowered his head to feast on it.

As he placed down the piece of bone, he noticed that he and his wife’s eating speed were pretty much on par. Just like that, both lamb legs were soon devoured.

The manager looking from the side would have typically felt awkward if he were to see such a thing, and yet, he could not help but smile while he looked at this couple with a huge appetite.

Chi Yang glanced toward the manager as his wife continued to gnaw at the bone. The manager immediately understood and signaled for a waiter to serve the dessert.

Zhong Nuannuan did not even bother to look at the cake. She concentrated completely on the battle with the lamb roast.

Chi Yang noticed that she was neglecting the cake, and, not being able to wait any longer, he spoke up, “Nuannuan, this cake is really delicious, do take a bite.”

“Oh, alright.”

Although she did not want to eat it, Big Brother Chi Yang had requested for her to do so. Guess she will just have to then, so as to give Big Brother Chi Yang face.

Scooping a large spoonful into her mouth, she felt something inside as she chewed. From the shape of the object, Zhong Nuannuan could easily guess what it was. Her heart leapt with joy as she gleamed at the fact that her Big Brother Chi Yang had such a classy taste. To think that he actually proposed in such a romantic way!

Just as she was about to take the ring out, she suddenly heard a very familiar voice.

“Miss Nuannuan, it has been awhile since we’ve met.”

When she turned around, Aiden and Gu Mingzhe were there standing together. Zhong Nuannuan was so shocked that she swallowed the object in her mouth.


Chi Yang heard the sound, and his scalp started to tingle.

“Nuannuan, you….”

Zhong Nuannuan’s face was also as white as a sheet, not from the choking, but rather from her own stupidity.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, what was that? Could it be”

She could not bring herself to mutter the word ‘ring’.

Although she was pretty sure, she still hoped that it was not the case.

Otherwise, she would probably be the first woman ever to stupidly swallow her own engagement ring.

Chi Yang eyebrows were tightly knitted together as he coughed and said, “About the engagement issue from before, I did not get your permission before handing in the marriage documents. You didn’t want to see me then, so I didn’t dare give you the ring before this.”

Zhong Nuannuan felt her mouth turn dry as she was on the verge of tears.

So, it really was her engagement ring!

How frustrating! What could she do?

After Aiden and Gu Mingzhe came over, all they could see was Zhong Nuannuan’s murderous gaze.

Aiden’s eyebrows twitched. His expression went green from shock.

Oh my, what happened to the big boss? What a frightful gaze!

For Gu Mingzhe, it was only the second time he had ever met Zhong Nuannuan. Even the last time out, he had felt that she had this powerful look to her, like one of those seemingly powerful auras.

The beauty of this young lady had been so memorable. He had dreamt of her these two nights, with last night’s dream being especially pleasant.To have dreamt of such an exciting moment, only to forget it…

Yet, now the real deal was in front of him. Gu Mingzhe’s eyes were glued to her body, his face was filled with excitement and adoration, “Nuannuan, are you alright? What is making you so unhappy?”

Losing the engagement ring left Zhong Nuannuan’s heart enraged. Since she could not take it out on her own brother, all there was left was this unlucky fool.