My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 273

Chapter 273: Depressed Nuannuan

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“Nuannuan? Am I very close to you? You’re not even close to me, and yet you’re calling me Nuannuan. Is this how your mother raised you? Also, this is a privately-booked venue, don’t you feel bad for simply barging into a place like this?”

Gu Mingzhe was stunned by the scolding. Regardless of the case, he had just given her a set of jade worth more than 20 million two days ago, so she could not just fall out with him like this even for the sake of money, right?

Chi Yang did not give the two a chance to speak again, and chased the guests away immediately. “Gentlemen, I’ve already booked this place for tonight. Please make an appointment later if you have anything to discuss.”

“Hahaha, we also came upstairs by sheer coincidence. Let’s go, Young Master Gu, let’s talk downstairs.”

After saying that, he tugged Gu Mingzhe away, completely disregarding his feelings.

Gu Mingzhe was still thinking of reasoning with Chi Yang and wanted to speak with Zhong Nuannuan again to figure out why she disliked him so much since he was a person who had given her more than 20 million dollars worth in gifts. However, Aiden’s strength was beyond normal. The hand holding him was like a pair of iron tongs, and he could not break free of it at all.

Chi Yang expressed great surprise at Aiden’s tactfulness.

However, he brushed it off since an overseas gang-related business leader like this should have a natural sensitivity toward people like him anyway, so it was normal for him to leave.

“Nuannuan, are you alright? Did you choke on it?” Chi Yang asked with concern.

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head in anguish. “Fortunately, I was born with a relatively wide oesophagus, so I swallowed it straight away.”

Chi Yang was relieved.

“That’s good. Come on, let’s go to the hospital.”

As he was about to leave, he made Nuannuan sit down again. He coughed twice a little embarrassingly, and suggested, “Would you like to eat a bit more?”

Zhong Nuannuan felt extremely embarrassed!

If she did not swallow the ring, she would definitely have continued eating. After all, the smell of the roasted suckling pig over there had already made its way to her. However, after Chi Yang suggested this, she felt that he was only making her eat more so that she could defecate better in the toilet later…

Even thinking about it spoiled her appetite.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I can’t eat anymore”

“Then let’s go to the hospital.”

“There’s no need for that! I can solve this myself. Did you forget that I’m very good at acupuncture?”

Chi Yang frowned as he thought of something, then shook his head resolutely. “No, that thing is so sharp, what if it scratches the internal organs? It’s better to go to the hospital for a systematic checkup.”

Zhong Nuannuan really wanted to tell him that the ring did not scratch her internal organs, but he would not listen to what she said! After all, he did not know that she had X-ray vision.

As for Aiden, the sensor must have detected her location when she was at Lijing Mansion, so he had gone up to look for her. It was not like they could not see each other anymore, so did he really have to run up here without even a word of warning? He caused her to swallow her own engagement ring!

Zhong Nuannuan cursed Aiden a hundred times in her heart, then followed Chi Yang to the hospital with a look of embarrassment on her face.

Now, her heart struggled with a very serious problem

After she went to the bathroom and got the engagement ring out, should she take it, or refuse to accept it?

However, this was Big Brother Chi Yang’s thoughtful gift. If she gave up the ring just like that, would Big Brother Chi Yang be upset?

Yet, if he really wanted her to put on this ring, she would feel very nauseous.


Why would such a strange and stupid thing happen to her?

“Why is it this hospital again?” Zhong Nuannuan was speechless. She had just left this hospital in the morning, and yet she was here again at night.