My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 274

Chapter 274: Obsession

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“Public hospitals have many patients in the emergency room at night. This hospital has good medical resources and fewer patients.”

Okay then…

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Chi Yang, who had already parked his car, and hesitated to speak.

“What’s the matter?” Chi Yang saw that she had something on her mind since earlier, and could not help but feel nervous as well.

Although his fiance’s attitude toward him during this period had exceeded his expectations and made him feel as if it was raining gold, he had slowly calmed himself down from this feeling. However, since his fiance knew that he was going to propose to her, she seemed to have been hesitant to speak, and remained in an absent-minded state…

Would she reject him?

Even so, when he remembered Nuannuan saying that she would spend the rest of her life with him, then thought of her secretly kissing him while he was sleeping this morning, as well as her joining the deputy commander-in-chief’s dinner just to announce her sovereignty, Chi Yang felt that it was impossible.

Still, no matter how confident he was, he still felt nervous when he saw the hesitation and sullen expression on his fiance’s face.

He was afraid that Nuannuan would suddenly reject him with an unacceptable excuse.

“Big Brother Chi Yang”

Zhong Nuannuan’s voice was soft and hushed, which made Chi Yang’s heart tremble.

This alluring woman!

“Just now, when you asked if I swallowed the ring and I answered yes, in truth, I felt very, very, very happy.”

When Chi Yang heard this, his face instantly turned pale. His head started to feel a little dizzy, and his ears even had tinnitus.


He knew that the “but” he did not want to hear was about to follow.

Zhong Nuannuan was completely petrified. She lowered her head and spoke to herself, not noticing Chi Yang’s awkwardness at all.


Zhong Nuannuan was just about to say her next words, but before she got the chance, Chi Yang had already pulled her into his embrace, pressing her head firmly against his chest right where his heart was.

Zhong Nuannuan heard his heart beating rapidly and very irregularly.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, you”

She was just about to ask him what was wrong, and if he felt uncomfortable anywhere, but instead, she heard his low voice as he spoke hoarsely and painfully…

“I won’t listen! Nuannuan, I won’t listen! No buts! You said that you won’t despise me, and that you’ll accompany me for a lifetime. You even kissed me this morning, so you clearly love me too. At least you like me, and have good feelings for me. I can bear you never accepting me since I can work harder this way. However, you can’t say any buts after accepting me and promising to spend the rest of your life with me. If you do this, you’ll hurt me, and I’ll be really sad”

Chi Yang held Zhong Nuannuan’s body tightly, such that Zhong Nuannuan could feel the stiffness of his body.

It was only then that Zhong Nuannuan came back to her senses. It seemed that her Big Brother Chi Yang had misunderstood again. She wanted to raise her head to speak, but the other party pressed her head firmly to his chest. Her lips were also sealed against his chest, preventing her from making a sound.

At this moment, Chi Yang’s gaze was extremely faint, and the bottomless starlight in his eyes had disappeared, leaving only an endless void and darkness. After a long silence, three words were finally uttered

“Do not go! Do not leave me! Don’t be with any other man except me!”

After speaking, his deep and dark eyes seemed to burst into a black flame, which burned and raged as if it wanted to engulf the world.

He would not let go!

Even if she wanted to leave him, he would never let her go!

Even until the end of days, he would be with her!