My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 275

Chapter 275: But

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Even Chi Yang himself felt that these emotions were inconceivable.

After all, he and Zhong Nuannuan have only known each other for more than three months, and had really gotten along for only half a month. He did not understand why his feelings were so intense and deep, but he knew that he really could not watch her leave just like that.

Absolutely not!

“Big Brother Chi Yang I can’t breathe.”

Zhong Nuannuan wanted to speak the whole time, but was pitifully smothered against his chest. Fortunately, she was good at holding her breath, otherwise she would have died after holding it in for these two to three minutes.

It was only then that Chi Yang shockingly realized he had hurt her due to his overexcitement. He quickly loosened his arms, feeling very guilty and distressed. He lowered his head and was just about to ask her if she was alright, but the moment he lowered his head, Zhong Nuannuan stood on tiptoes and kissed him directly on the lips.

The world quietened down because of this kiss.

Zhong Nuannuan’s kiss landed fleetingly, such that by the time Chi Yang felt her soft and fragrant lips and got prepared to taste their sweetness, her lips had already left.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, no buts! My ‘but’ is not what you’re thinking of! I’m willing to be with you, and I’d never want to be separated from you for the rest of my life. How could I not accept you or leave you? I’m very happy to be able to become your fiance!”

“Really? You will never separate from me, and you won’t leave me either?”

“Yes. No matter what the reason, no matter the difficulties, I will never separate from you. You’re not allowed to separate from me either.”

Looking at Zhong Nuannuan’s extremely resolute gaze, it did not seem like she was joking at all. Because of this, Chi Yang’s previously nervous heart finally became at ease.

Although he did not know where his fiance’s affection came from, since she did not mention it, he did not ask. He could accept any reason that made her suddenly want to be with him. As long as she could be together with him, it did not matter.

“Then what was the ‘but’ that you wanted to say earlier?”

Zhong Nuannuan coughed dryly and then said weakly, “I know your intentions, Big Brother Chi Yang, and I also know that you’ve done a lot for me since the beginning. I’m very grateful for what you’ve done for me, and I cherish it a lot, but But when the ring comes out later, can we treasure it, and then buy a new one to place on my finger?”

Looking at his fiance’s big twinkling eyes, Chi Yang was completely lost for words.

“So, your ‘but’ earlier was to ask me this question?”


Zhong Nuannuan felt very embarrassed. After all, she did not want to wear a dirty ring, nor did she want to disregard Big Brother Chi Yang’s token of love.

Chi Yang looked at her perplexed expression, and felt like reaching out to hit her bum!

Unfortunately, he could not bear to do so.

In the end, Chi Yang’s punishment turned into a kiss.

A very heavy kiss.


Zhong Nuannuan’s thoughts and breath were cut off by the sudden kiss, and she widened her eyes to see Chi Yang taking the initiative to kiss her.

His lips were not soft at all, and his kiss was forceful, so Zhong Nuannuan felt a little stiff.

However, when his breath gushed into her nasal cavity and lingered all around her, she felt extremely enamored.

Chi Yang’s kiss stopped for just a moment as he stared intently at the girl who was so close to him.

Her eyelashes fluttered gently like a palm-leaf fan…