My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Take Action

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Her delicate features mad her look like an elf who had absorbed the moonlight, and her whole body exuded a glow that was warm and soft like the moon. Her beauty made his breath tremble.

After she stopped feeling the heavy kiss on her, Zhong Nuannuan’s lazily closed eyes slowly opened, but the moment her vision came into focus, she saw the handsome face in front of her suddenly move in again.

Chi Yang’s kiss landed once again.

This time, he could not help sliding his tongue gently between her slightly open lips.

The tender tip of her tongue was watery, supple, fragrant and sweet. Her youthful innocence was mixed with a hint of coquettish charm, which made him want to swallow her fiercely. Even so, he was afraid of hurting her.

He could only turn this fierceness into endless tenderness, sometimes gently sucking on her lips, and sometimes gently lingering around the tip of her tongue.

This was the second time Chi Yang had taken the initiative to kiss her. Zhong Nuannuan felt her whole body go soft and limp under the embrace of his breath; the weakness in her body was too much for her to bear.

Zhong Nuannuan moved, trying to gather some energy, but as soon as she twisted, Chi Yang’s hoarse, deep and melodious voice sounded in her ears.

“Don’t move, let me kiss you a while longer”

Upon hearing this, Zhong Nuannuan had already lost her energy completely. Her legs went limp, and she swayed toward Chi Yang’s body.

Chi Yang hurriedly stretched his arms out and held her waist. Watching his fiance, who had turned into a puddle of water in his arms, Chi Yang’s heart melted.

The kiss continued, and just as Zhong Nuannuan felt that she was about to suffocate to death, Chi Yang gave her another chance to breathe.

“Silly, quickly take a breather.”

Zhong Nuannuan was stupefied. Her feet felt as if they were standing on a ball of cotton, and the whole world seemed to be spinning unrealistically.

After hearing Chi Yang’s words, she obediently took a deep breath before her lips were blocked by Chi Yang again.

The night was quiet, and the moonlight was devastatingly beautiful.

It was supposed to be the sweetest moment in their memory, but it was interrupted by a sharp voice.

“Nuannuan, Big Brother Chi Yang, what are you two doing?”

A rather annoying voice sounded not far ahead.

Zhong Nuannuan was startled, and she slowly recomposed herself.

Watching those soft lips moving farther and farther away from him, Chi Yang almost wanted to strangle Zhong Qianqian to death.

Seeing that Zhong Qianqian’s eyes were widened, and had the expression of a hostess catching a cheating couple in bed, Zhong Nuannuan was also speechless.

‘Big Sister, do you really know how to use your eyes to speak? If you don’t, don’t misuse them!’

Zhong Nuannuan was ticked off, whilst Chi Yang felt even more annoyed than Zhong Nuannuan.

It was as if he was looking at an enemy as he unleashed his ‘free air-conditioning’ aura straight at Zhong Qianqian. After Zhong Qianqian’s expression changed to fright, Chi Yang spoke with his teeth almost gritted together,

“Once again, I don’t have a younger sister, don’t address me so affectionately.”

Zhong Qianqian was at a loss for words.

“Also, run off as far as you can whenever you encounter things like this in the future. Don’t you know that you’ll receive due retribution for being another’s killjoy?” Zhong Nuannuan also warned angrily.

Zhong Qianqian’s face was flushed red from Chi Yang’s scolding, but she could not say anything to refute them.

“Come on, let’s go in.” A moment ago, his glare was still cold and deadly, but after he saw Zhong Nuannuan, his expression immediately softened.

“Okay.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded and walked inside without paying any heed to Zhong Qiannqian.

Zhong Qianqian watched the couple’s backs with a dark expression, her gaze filled with venom.

After the couple walked into the hospital, Zhong Qianqian took her phone out of her bag and called Xue Miqi.

“Hello, I don’t need to think any further about what you told me today, let’s take action immediately.”