My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Proposal Doesnt Count

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“I’ll transfer you 30,000 dollars through my cell phone later, 20,000 dollars will be used to find the person, while 10,000 dollars will be used to find a middleman. Let them find a way to take do it tomorrow, and please don’t expose yourself. Also, don’t tell Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan about this matter, if they ask about it, just say that I disagreed. Especially Li Shanshan, she’s timid and likes to take advantage of others. If she’s threatened by Zhong Nuannuan or Chi Yang in the future, or is offered the chance to gain some small profits, she will easily betray us.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhong Qianqian’s vicious gaze made it seem as though she wanted to tear Zhong Nuannuan into pieces.

Zhong Qianqian returned to the sick ward and saw that the ward was empty except for Jiang Shuwan and the nurse.

“Why are you back again?” Jiang Shuwan looked at Zhong Qianqian. ‘Didn’t she say that she was going back to change her clothes?’

“Mom, where is Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan? Where did they go?”

Jiang Shuwan became angry the moment she heard Zhong Nuannuan’s name. “Don’t mention that evil-hearted wretch, how would I know where she went? I’m in this state because of her, yet she just followed Chi Yang out without a word, and hasn’t even visited seen all day long!”

Zhong Qianqian was startled. “Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang never visited?”

“Haha, she’s just an ingrate that no longer pays any regard to her own mother after getting engaged. She doesn’t even have enough time to go on a date, do you think she would come to visit me?”

Zhong Qianqian frowned. “That’s weird, I clearly saw the both of them come in just now. Perhaps they didn’t come to the hospital to visit you.”

Jiang Shuwan became even angrier when she heard this.

“Hurry up and see where they went! She can leave me, her mother, here alone and run off to visit outsiders, huh? How could she do such a thing!”

“Sure.” Zhong Qianqian was also quite angry.

It was clearly Zhong Nuannuan who broke her mother’s ribs, yet she was the one who had to stay here for the whole day. Her heart was full of resentment at the moment, and she wanted to catch Zhong Nuannuan immediately.

Since it was a private hospital and it was also nighttime, all the guests who were here to visit patients had to register themselves at the front desk. Zhong Qianqian ran to check the registration information, but did not find any details about Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang.

Thinking that the two of them came to see a doctor late at night, Zhong Qianqian’s eyes narrowed, and her intuition told her that Zhong Nuannuan was pregnant.

Thus, she hurriedly ran to the gynecology department and explained her identity. However, she was told that no one named Zhong Nuannuan came to see the doctor.

Zhong Qianqian wandered around in the hospital for a long time and still did not see Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang. Hence, she could only stand at the entrance in desperation.

Chi Yang’s car was parked not far away, these two people had to leave the hospital eventually, right? She would just wait here, and no longer worry about not being able to catch Zhong Nuannuan.

Half an hour later, Zhong Nuannuan walked out with an embarrassed expression while holding a plastic bag. A pink diamond ring was in the plastic bag, the pink diamond itself inlaid with smaller white diamonds. It looked like a sky full of stars as it surrounded the diamond, which just emphasized its beautiful style. Although Zhong Nuannuan did not like the color pink, it had been gifted to her by Big Brother Chi Yang, so she instantly fell in love with it.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, this”

Seeing his fiancee’s embarrassment and conflicted expression, Chi Yang smiled, walked over, and rubbed her head. “I didn’t have the time to propose to you in the first place, so this won’t count as a proposal ring. It will only count when I propose to you someday in the future.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes lit up. “Oh yes, you haven’t proposed to me yet, so this ring doesn’t count.”

Chi Yang nodded. “Of course. I bought this for you to play with, you can just take it home and leave it somewhere.”

“Okay!” Zhong Nuannuan responded with a grin.

Therefore, although the incident was embarrassing, it passed by happily.