My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Rest Assured

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The two happily walked hand in hand to the entrance of the hospital, where they saw Zhong Qianqian blocking the main entrance.

When she saw Zhong Qianqian, Zhong Nuannuan decided not to hold back any longer. Before the other party even managed to open her mouth, she started to speak.

“Good dogs don’t stand in the way.”

Zhong Qianqian was speechless.

Zhong Qianqian knew that her innocent, two-faced temperament could not give her any advantage any longer, so she became vicious as well. She stood in the corridor while swearing loudly,

“Zhong Nuannuan, the person lying in the sick ward is your biological mother, not mine! Your mother is lying on the sick bed and I took care of her for the whole day while you spent your time out on a date. Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?”

Seeing how her loud voice immediately made many onlookers turn their heads, Zhong Nuannuan sneered. “Stop talking nonsense, who said that she’s my mother? The DNA test results haven’t even come out yet! I didn’t accept her nurturing grace, so why should I guard her after she was hospitalized instead of you?”


Seeing everyone losing their interest after instantly understanding the relationship between them, Zhong Qianqian started to act brazenly. “I don’t care. Anyway, I’ve already been watching her for a day, so the rest is yours. I’m going back to take a shower and change my clothes.”

After saying that, she ran away angrily.

Chi Yang looked at Zhong Qianqian as she left, and felt that he had nowhere to vent his stomach full of anger.

Originally, they would have returned to their own house, and might even continue to sleep in the same bed tonight, but in the end, such a beautiful night was ruined by Zhong Qianqian.

Chi Yang squinted, deep in thought. He did not know if he reveal some information to Nuannuan just yet. After all, there were more things he still had not managed to find out.

Many secrets lurked in the Zhong Family, and he was afraid that revealing it would alert the enemy.

However, if he did not speak and allowed the truth to remain unknown, then Nuannuan would continue to be led by so-called filial piety, which made him feel very angry.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I’ll walk you to the car then. I won’t go back tonight.”

She felt that Aiden must have been looking for her to discuss something, so Zhong Nuannuan, who originally planned to ignore Jiang Shuwan’s needs, turned Chi Yang away.

“Nuannuan, I know that you’re a good girl who values love and righteousness, but whether it’s love, familial affection, or friendship, you can’t force it. Not to mention that your DNA report with Jiang Shuwan hasn’t come out yet, even if it comes out and reveals that the two of you are really biological related, she’s not worthy of being your mother.”

At this moment, Chi Yang was conflicted about giving too much away.

Just as he was about to speak, he heard Nuannuan soothe him comfortingly. “Big Brother Chi Yang, you can rest assured, whether she’s my mother or not, I’ll stay here for just one night. I want to make her no longer dare to put me on the night watch again. Otherwise, if they keep telling others in the future that I’m an ingrate and don’t even care about my own mother, wouldn’t I be unable to answer?”

Chi Yang still felt angry, but since Nuannuan had said this, he could only agree.

“Call me if there’s anything you need. There’s no need to feel wronged, okay?”

“Okay, they won’t be able to get anything from me.”

With that, Chi Yang rubbed his fiance’s hair bun, got into his car, and left.

After sending Chi Yang off, Nuannuan went to Jiang Shuwan’s ward, where she heard Jiang Shuwan’s unhappy ridicule as soon as she entered the door.

“Wow, after a day of dating, you’ve finally remembered that you still have a mother! If your sister didn’t make you come, did you plan not to come and see me even once until I leave the hospital?”

Without Zhong Kuijun here, Jiang Shuwan’s words became venomous.

Since her relationship with Zhong Nuannuan had already gotten to this stage, she did not want to pretend any longer.