My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 279

Chapter 279: Whose Business Is This

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She had always felt that Zhong Nuannuan was just a country bumpkin who had now returned home from the farming district. Even if she found out one day that she was not her own daughter, she would never guess the Zhong Family’s secret.

Even if she somehow found out, she still had Qianqian to help her with it.

She just could not understand why Zhong Kuijun was so jittery. Could this wretched girl fly or something?

Seeing the annoyance and ridicule on Jiang Shuwan’s face, Zhong Nuannuan’s attitude was, on the contrary, super good. She acted as if she did not hear her verbal abuse at all, then sent a message to Aiden and asked them to meet up near the hospital.

“Wretched girl, I want to eat snow pears. Quickly go and buy me some snow pears! They say that the lungs of people who lie down for a very long time will become very weak, so I have to eat more snow pears.”

“Sure, hold on Mom, I’ll go out and buy them for you later.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s reply could be said to be quite gentle, and Jiang Shuwan was taken aback.

However, after waiting for a minute but not seeing Zhong Nuannuan move at all, Jiang Shuwan became angry.

“Are you going out to buy them for me or not? Zhong Nuannuan, I’m your mother, do you want to just watch your mother have no snow pears to eat and die of thirst in bed? ”

Jiang Shuwan scolded her continuously, but much to her dismay, Zhong Nuannuan simply put on her headphones so she could not hear anything anymore. She listened to music while reading the weekly newsletters of her subsidiary companies.

[Big boss, we’ve arrived at the entrance.]

After receiving the news from Aiden and Selina, Zhong Nuannuan stood up and walked out.

Jiang Shuwan snorted. She thought that Zhong Nuannuan went out to buy her snow pears because she could not stand her verbal abuse.

Sure enough, this wretched girl deserved a beating.

An old-fashioned Maybach was parked in a small alley outside the back entrance of the hospital.

The Maybach’s black exterior looked particularly low-key at night, and as soon as she got into the car, Selina gave her a big hug.

“Big boss, I missed you so much! You don’t allow us to call you, so I can only suppress my longing for you every day. When on earth can we play together openly?”

Following Chi Yang’s behavior, Zhong Nuannuan lovingly patted Selina’s head, causing a shocked expression to appear on the other party’s face. “Anytime, as long as you get an identity that isn’t wanted.”

“What about me?” Aiden asked eagerly. He missed his big boss very much too!

“Your high-profile entrance earlier has made your brother-in-law list you as a dangerous person, so don’t keep showing up in front of me anymore.”

Aiden looked aggrieved. “Why? Is it just because I’m a man? Brother-in-law is just too much, isn’t he? Although I admit that I am very handsome, he’s only a little worse than me, so he doesn’t need to feel so unconfident!”


Zhong Nuannuan whacked Aiden on the head. “Is your brother-in-law such a superficial person? Your brother-in-law has already analyzed with me and said that Tianheng Holdings is an international triad-related organization involved in money laundering overseas. As the Vice President, you are skilled at evading investigation, so he made me stay away from a dangerous man like you. This is because he concluded that you’re an unregistered resident. As for me, I’m just a pure senior high school student, so I shouldn’t get too close to you.”

“Pfft, hahaha” Selina directly burst out in laughter after hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s words.

Aiden was aghast!

Whose company was this exactly?!

Did he have to treat him so differently?!

He looked at his big boss, who had her hair tied up in a bun as she wore an innocent and pure expression. She really looking like a senior high school girl who did not know anything about the world.