My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Dna

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Her original charm, glamour, fierceness and ruthlessness were all hidden under her pure demeanor at that moment, and it made his eyes bleed.

“Okay, let’s talk business. Is the DNA test result out already?”

When it came to business, Aiden and Selina both looked excited. Aiden took a few pieces of paper out of a bag.

“Big Boss, this is the new DNA test report. How did you do it? Why was the DNA similarity between you and Zhong Qianqian almost 100% the last time, but only 67% this time?

“The DNA test between Zhong Qianqian and Jiang Shuwan shows that their similarity is 99.9%, and the test concluded that they’re of a mother-daughter relationship. Her similarity with Zhong Kuijun is 99.9% as well, so the identification result is of a father-daughter relationship.”

Zhong Nuannuan reached out and took the test report. Seeing that the similarity between her and Zhong Qianqian was 67%, the iciness in her eyes went into overdrive.

“Big Boss, why is this happening? Before this, Zhong Qianqian’s DNA was exactly the same as yours, and the similarity was 100%.”

Selina was perplexed. She did not believe that her big boss would have mistakenly taken Zhong Qianqian’s hair the previous time. After all, her big boss was so reliable. However, the difference between the two test results clearly proved that the previous one was a mistake.

Zhong Nuannuan held the copy of Zhong Qianqian and her own DNA test report, scanned them carefully, and then said, “During the first test, I gave Aiden hair that belonged to the two of us. As the hair is connected to the capillaries, DNA in the blood can be found out by testing the hair. If the hematopoietic stem cells of two people are the same, then the DNA in the blood will show the same results.

“This is why the DNA similarity between Zhong Qianqian and I was 100% in the first test. She and I are just half-sisters. Even if we are biological sisters, it’s impossible forthe DNA similarity to reach 100%, which is exactly the same. However, our DNA is weirdly identical, so it can only be said that our hematopoietic stem cells are the same, which is to say that the blood created by our bone marrow is the same.

“For the second test, I extracted blood from Zhong Qianqian’s muscles. Although muscles are also in the human body, the DNA of muscles and internal organs is not affected by hematopoietic stem cells. This time, the similarity between Zhong Qianqian and I is only 67%, while my similarity with Jiang Shuwan is 99.9%.”

Aiden and Selina were stunned.

Aiden could not help muttering, “Then this shows that”

Zhong Nuannuan continued, “This shows that I’ve had my hematopoietic stem cells transferred to Zhong Qianqian before, so the DNA in Zhong Qianqian’s blood is exactly identical to mine now.”

This also clearly explained why Zhong Qianqian could enter the Nangong Family so easily after the Nangong Family found her in the previous life, and why she had become the Nangong Family’s little princess who could get whatever she wanted.

It was not that the Nangong Family’s carelessness was exploited when they conducted DNA testing, nor was Jiang Shuwan all-powerful to the point where she could mess about with the Nangong Family’s DNA test. It was because Zhong Qianqian already had the same DNA as her.

Nangong Yu was her mother, and Zhong Qianqian shared the same DNA as her. Thus, Zhong Qianqian also had DNA that was extremely similar to that of the Nangong Family.

“D*mn! Big Boss, you were abducted and sold to the organization by human traffickers when you were three years old. Does this mean that you’ve had stem cell transplants performed for Zhong Qianqian, during which you transplanted your own hematopoietic stem cells to Zhong Qianqian at the age of three or younger?” Selina was shocked.