My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Tracking Down

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“It could only be done during that time. Now, I have to trouble you to help me find out the specifics that happened during my stem cell transplant with Zhong Qianqian before I was three years old.”

“Big Boss, leave this matter to me, I’ll definitely check it out for you.” Selina angrily patted her chest and promised, “When we find out what happened, I’ll definitely want Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian to die a dog’s death!”

This was just too much!

Just too infuriating!

Aiden kept a sullen expression for a long time before saying, “You started remembering things at three years old. Such a big feat already counts as a big event that should be rooted in memory, yet you have no knowledge about this incident, Big Boss. Therefore, Big Boss, we can hypothesize that you weren’t even three years old yet when this operation was done.

“It’s life-threatening to have a stem cell transplantation done before the age of three, but your biological father actually approved it. Big Boss, I have reason to suspect that your father is not a good person either.”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled indifferently. “He has always been a person who never does anything without a purpose. He will stand on the side of whoever benefits him.”

She even suspected that Nangong Yu’s death might be related to Zhong Kuijun.

“That’s why I asked you to find out about what had happened to Nangong Yu back then. How’s your investigation going?”

“It’s beginning to take shape. Nangong Yu was indeed the Nangong Family’s little princess, and Camino’s top socialite at that time. However, due to some unknown reason, Nangong Yu had been very well protected since she was born, and the Nangong Family almost completely barred her from meeting others.

“Therefore, even though she was the top socialite in Emperor District, very few people had ever seen her. Especially after Nangong Yu grew up. By then, almost no one ever saw her. It took me a lot of effort to find a picture of her when she was 15 years old.”

After taking the photo and looking at the girl smiling happily with her family inside, Zhong Nuannuan believed that Nangong Yu had a very happy childhood. However, after looking at Nangong Yu’s appearance, Zhong Nuannuan frowned slightly.


She looked nothing like Nangong Yu.

Noticing Zhong Nuannuan’s uncertainty, Aiden took out another photo and gave it to Zhong Nuannuan. “This is Zhong Kuijun and Pu Yu’s wedding photo back then. Selina did some hacking and pulled it out of the archives of the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Zhong Nuannuan took the other photo, and raised her eyebrows slightly after looking at it.

“Big Boss, are you sure that Pu Yu is Nangong Yu, the Nangong Family’s little princess?”

“Yeah.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded. After all, she had experienced all this during her previous life, so she was entirely convinced of Nangong Yu’s identity.

“Then Nangong Yu must’ve undergone plastic surgery.” Selina never doubted anything her big boss was sure of.

“However, why did Nangong Yu have to undergo plastic surgery? Did she get plastic surgery before she met Zhong Kuijun, or did Zhong Kuijun make her get plastic surgery after her memory loss? Big Boss, why do I feel that the Zhong Family is hiding a huge secret?” When Selina said this, a bright light shone in her eyes.

Her life was so boring now, so she had a strong yearning to get to the bottom of big mysteries like this.

“Recently, Selina and I wanted to investigate Nangong Yu, but when we dug into the Nangong Family, we were almost counter-tracked by the other party, so we haven’t dared to take action since. However, I’ve already told Dan Qi about this. Once that guy takes action, the Nangong Family will definitely not be able to track us.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “Then the two of you should keep investigating the cause of Nangong Yu’s death as well as the transplantation of my hematopoietic stem cells to Zhong Qianqian.”