My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Painless Reward

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“Alright, why don’t you guys go and play your games. I have to go back and protect Jiang Shuwan.”

“Boss, Jiang Shuwan isn’t even your mother. She treats you this way, yet you still take the night watch for her?”

“Yes.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

Just as Selina and Aiden couldn’t take it anymore and were convinced that their boss had been possessed by a ghost, Zhong Nuannuan smiled and said. “These are the last few days of kinship, I have to at least leave them with some ‘happy’ memories.”

Alright, that shocked them.

By the time Zhong Nuannuan returned, an hour had already passed.

Seeing that Zhong Nuannuan had return empty-handed, Jiang Shuwan was so angry that her heart and lungs were about to explode.

“Where are the things you bought? You went out for one hour and ten minutes, yet you return empty-handed? What do you mean by this, Zhong Nuannuan? If you are unwilling to buy it for me, just say so.”

“Mom, you can’t blame me for this. It’s so late, so the fruit shops are all closed. I went to several places, but none of them were selling anything. Just tolerate it for a bit, when Zhong Qianqian or Dad comes tomorrow, you can get him to buy it for you.”

It would have been fine if she had not mentioned Zhong Kuijun, but the minute he was mentioned, Jiang Shuwan became furious. It was already considered good that he had not divorced her, so how could she expect him to buy her anything nice, or to even visit her?

“Lil Xu, you go buy it for me. I would like to see if the shops are actually closed.”

In her desperation, Jiang Shuwan was determined to make things ugly.

The nurse rubbed her hands together. “Big Sister, you will have to give me some money, I don’t have enough money here to pay for you.”

Jiang Shuwan turned to Zhong Nuannuan and said: “Get some money for Lil Xu, let her buy it.”

“Oh.” Zhong Nuannuan replied before proceeding to go through Jiang Shuwan’s purse.

When she noticed this, Jiang Shuwan nearly spat blood out of anger.

“Zhong Nuannuan, I gave you so much money just to buy some yellow pears, but you would rather use that money to go on a date with some man instead of buying fruits for your mother, right?”

Zhong Nuannuan didn’t even raise her head as she continued going through Jiang Shuwan’s purse.

Seeing three bundles of cash in her purse, Zhong Nuannuan generously gave one bundle to the nurse.

The nurse’s eyes grew wide as she looked at the ten thousand dollars in front of her. She looked at Zhong Nuannuan, confusion evident in her eyes.

After getting a wink from Zhong Nuannuan, she immediately understood. Happily pocketing her ten-thousand-dollar tip, she used her mouth to quietly gesture to the surveillance camera by the door frame before leaving.

Zhong Nuannuan had noticed the surveillance camera the minute she entered. After all, there had been no such thing there when she entered the ward that morning.

However, it seemed that Jiang Shuwan did not know about the surveillance camera. Therefore, it was obviously Zhong Kuijun who had gotten the nurse to install the surveillance camera.

Nevertheless, the angle at which the surveillance camera was positioned made it such that only Jiang Shuwan was recorded. Thus, the camera did not catch the fact that she had given money to the nurse.

Jiang Shuwan had no idea what Zhong Nuannuan and the nurse had done.

Half an hour later, the nurse returned.

“Madame Zhong, Miss Zhong was not lying to you. I don’t know what’s going on with the fruit shops outside, but they’re all closed. Here is your money.”

When she finished speaking, Lil Xu took a 100 dollar bill out of her purse and returned it to Jiang Shuwan.

“See, I told you that the shops weren’t selling, but you wouldn’t believe me. If you don’t believe me, why let me go out shopping at all?”

Looking at Zhong Nuannuan’s smiling face, Jiang Shuwan was angry, yet she could not refute. Thus, she could only put up with it.

“I want to drink water!”

“Okay.” Zhong Nuannuan replied patiently as she immediately poured her some water.