My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Pranked

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The water was poured and served in front of Jiang Shuwan, but Jiang Shuwan became furious after glancing at it. “How can I drink this plain water you’ve given me? Pour another cup! I want to drink honey water!”

“Mom, it’s easy to have diarrhea after drinking honey water.” Zhong Nuannuan was still being very good-tempered, as if she had resigned herself to adversity.

“Haha, I’ve been drinking honey water for decades, so why haven’t I had any diarrhea before? If you don’t want to pour me any honey water, just say it straight!”

“Mom, it’s really not that I don’t want to buy you honey. You’re hurting now, so even if you didn’t had any diarrhea before, you might have it now.”

“I’m lying down now and my bowel movements have slowed down already, why can’t I drink honey water? I only want to drink honey water, I’m not drinking plain water.”

After saying that, she reached out, swept the glass of plain water onto the ground, and then let out a scream.

The glass that Zhong Nuannuan poured had freshly boiled water in it. Jiang Shuwan’s hands immediately pulled back after being scalded, but unfortunately, Zhong Nuannuan had placed the hot water bottle in the way of her hands when they suddenly retracted.

In the next moment, the whole bottle of hot water spilled out just like that.

Although most of it landed on the quilt, a small bit spilt onto Jiang Shuwan’s arm, which made her scream in pain.

“Zhong Nuannuan, you heartless person, you want to scald me to death!”

What happened later was a complete mess. When the doctor came in, Jiang Shuwan’s hands were already bright red from the burn, while the sheets and quilts were wet as well, meaning they had to be changed. Besides that, since her ribs were injured, she had to be moved onto a portable bed while the bedsheets were being changed, and had to be moved back again after the changing was done. So much movement almost made Jiang Shuwan want to die in pain.

Since then, she loathed Zhong Nuannuan even more.

She felt that everything was caused by Zhong Nuannuan, and she kept scolding Zhong Nuannuan.

After she had finished reprimanding the latter, she became thirsty for real, and shouted, “Zhong Nuannuan, are you dead? I told you that I’m thirsty, I want to drink honey water.”

“Oh okay, sure, hold on, I’ll go out to buy you some honey water.”

Zhong Nuannuan held back her smile. She ran to the 24-hour supermarket and bought the cheapest jar of honey available, then bought some medicine at the drugstore, mixed them together, and returned.

Seeing the plastic can of honey in Zhong Nuannuan’s hands, Jiang Shuwan started to complain again that the honey she bought was of poor quality.

“Mom, the supermarket only sells this kind of honey. If you want to drink other types of honey that have better quality, then how about this? Since the mall should not be closed yet, I can go to the mall and check if they have the type that you want to drink.”

“In your dreams! You just don’t want to serve me and want to go shopping at the mall instead, right? If I want to drink that type of honey, I’ll have Qianqian buy it for me!”

“Okay then, so you’ll just make do with drinking this type of honey tonight.”

Jiang Shuwan was speechless. Why did she feel as if she was causing hardships for herself?

Zhong Nuannuan soon prepared a cup of honey water with added ingredients for Jiang Shuwan. Jiang Shuwan drank it, and felt tired after some tossing and turning, so she fell asleep very quickly.

Zhong Nuannuan even covered Jiang Shuwan with the quilt dutifully, displaying the image of a good daughter in front of the camera.

However, hidden in the camera’s blind spot, a silver needle was stuck directly into Jiang Shuwan’s stomach.

Zhong Nuannuan’s silver needles were very, very thin, and, in addition to that, the position in which she had stuck the needle was an acupuncture point near the previously done Caesarean section. The muscles there had been severed during the Caesarean section, so even if they were stitched back, they were no longer as sensitive. As a result, even when Jiang Shuwan was pricked, she did not react at all.

At night, Jiang Shuwan was literally awakened by the pain.

It was not her ribs that hurt, but her stomach.

She felt like taking a dump!!!