My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Lunatic

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As soon as she woke up from the pain, Jiang Shuwan immediately felt that she was unable to hold herself back, and quickly called for the nurse.

Unexpectedly, she found herself unable to make a sound anymore.

In shock, she thought of knocking over the water glass onto the floor so that she could wake the nurse up. However, unknown whether it was due to the shock or the sudden movement, she suddenly felt that the energy channels all over her body were not flowing smoothly. This one movement gave her a sudden shock in the chest as a heart-searing pain spread throughout her entire abdomen.

Jiang Shuwan was in fright and pain, but the nurse was sleeping like a pig and snoring happily, not realizing that anything was wrong with her at all.

After that, Jiang Shuwan turned her head to look toward Zhong Nuannuan. Due to the good conditions here, the wards were of the suite type, and since Zhong Nuannuan was sleeping in another room, it was totally impossible for her to notice the situation here.

Therefore, Jiang Shuwan defecated all over herself in despair.

She felt extremely disgusted, but since it was late autumn, and she was a patient who was afraid of the cold, the quilt was tightly covered. She could smell the stench through the tiny gaps, but the nurse who had fallen into a deep sleep beside her could not smell it at all. Zhong Nuannuan, who was in the other bedroom far away, had covered Jiang Shuwan’s quilt tightly and firmly beforehand, so of course she could not smell a thing.

Jiang Shuwan spent the whole night struggling with the severe pain in her chest and the atrocious stench, and even fainted several times.

When the sun rose the next morning, Jiang Shuwan, who had been mute all night, could suddenly speak.

The nurse and Zhong Nuannuan were both yelled awake in the next moment.

“Are all of you dead? I screamed my lungs sore last night but none of you could be awakened. Are you here to sleep or to take care of the sick? You’re a nurse, but your snores are louder than thunder, how are you supposed to earn money like this? Let me tell you, there’s no way! I want to complain to your hospital, I want to change nurses! This is just too horrible.”

“Mom, don’t do this! I think that Aunt Xu is quite nice, and she’s very diligent. If you’re not satisfied with me, you can voice it out, why do you have to scold Aunt Xu? You didn’t call us at all last night, so how can you say that you couldn’t wake us up even after screaming yourself mute?”

It was not easy for Zhong Nuannuan to hold back her laugh when she saw Jiang Shuwan’s face turn green with her foul mood.

After receiving Zhong Nuannuan’s defense, the nurse felt even more aggrieved.

“Yes, Mrs Zhong, I’m very alert when I sleep. I can wake up at your slightest movement without you telling me. Although I snore, it doesn’t prevent me from hearing your voice.”

“Hehe, do you know that I’ve pooped myself all over the bed then? Do you think that I would torture myself like this all night just to frame you two? Do you think I’m crazy?”

“I think you’re a lunatic!”

Suddenly, Zhong Kuijun’s deep voice penetrated the room, which was followed by a tall figure.

“Nuannuan, you go to school. From today onwards until your mom is discharged from the hospital, you don’t have to come again.”


Zhong Nuannuan gave Jiang Shuwan a helpless look behind Zhong Kuijun’s back, which made Jiang Shuwan yell with anger.

“Zhong Kuijun, she’s my daughter. I’m hurt and hospitalized now, so why can’t you let her come to see me? Do you know how out of line she was? She colluded with this nurse and paid no heed to my life or death last night. I was in so much pain, but even when I yelled and screamed, they just ignored me. Boo hoo I know you’re angry with me because of Qianqian’s matter, but do you dare to open my quilt to see how much I’ve been tortured by her?”