My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 285

Chapter 285: Too Talented

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Zhong Kuijun sneered. “Sure, I want to see how insane you are too.”

After saying that, he pulled Jiang Shuwan’s quilt off.

Almost instantly, a stench filled the room, and Zhong Kuijun almost vomited from the smell. He did not call someone to change the quilt immediately, but instead covered Jiang Shuwan with the quilt again to mask the stench.

Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Nuannuan were speechless.

“Do you see this? This is what my good daughter did. In order to retaliate against me, she ignored me when I wanted to go to the bathroom at night. You can’t keep saying that I’m biased toward Qianqian this time, right? Although Qianqian is not my daughter, but”


Before Jiang Shuwan finished speaking, Zhong Kuijun stepped forward and gave Jiang Shuwan a heavy slap, making her face crooked from the blow.

At this moment, the old lady of the Jiang Family had also brought Xie Congrong over, and they coincidentally saw the scene of Jiang Shuwan being struck.

“You You hit me!” Jiang Shuwan’s tears fell at once. She looked as wronged as ever.

Zhong Kuijun was determined to deduct 10% of the Jiang Family’s income because of the incident Zhong Nuannuan. Although this was already agreed upon yesterday, 10% of their income was too much a price for the Jiang Family to pay. Since it was not suitable for Jiang Hanlin to come forward, Grandma Jiang had specifically come to the hospital today to discuss with Jiang Shuwan how the 10% deduction issue can be ironed out. As a result, she saw another family battle as soon as she entered.

Grandma Jiang was very upset. While feeling sorry for her daughter, she was also angry because of the fact that her stubbornness had brought unwarranted disasters upon the Jiang Family.

“Kuijun, what are you doing? Wanwan is still sick, how can you hit her? Look Oh my goodness, you beat the sh*t out of her!”

…Pfft hahaha!

Zhong Nuannuan, who had been holding back her laughter all this while, almost lost it when she heard the old lady’s words.

The old lady was just too talented!

Zhong Kuijun’s facial expression could no longer be described with the word ‘black’ anymore. Before he could even speak about Jiang Shuwan’s crimes, Jiang Shuwan was already crying and complaining, while exaggerating the story of Zhong Nuannuan not taking good care of her.

Grandma Jiang looked toward Zhong Nuannuan but did not dare to hit her in front of Zhong Kuijun, so she could only stamp the ground with her cane repeatedly, and point at her with a distressed look. “You You just can’t stand to see your parents doing well, right? You’ve never had to worry about food or clothing since you’ve returned home, and your life is a hundred, thousand times better than before, so why are you still not satisfied? Do you think that your life will get better after you’ve broken your family up?”


Before Zhong Nuannuan had time to reply, Zhong Kuijun shouted angrily. After that, he took out his cell phone, clicked on a video, and rudely stuffed it in the old lady’s face.

“Watch this yourself!”

The video began with Zhong Nuannuan entering the door the night before. During that period, her good attitude and Jiang Shuwan’s nasty demeanor formed a sharp contrast.

Jiang Shuwan cried out for her to buy her snow pears to eat, screamed to drink water, then smashed the glass. What followed was a series of yells to drink honey water.

Zhong Kuijun’s cell phone volume was turned on very loudly, and Jiang Shuwan, who was lying on the bed, changed her expression instantly after hearing the audio.

“Just now, she said that she wanted to go to the bathroom at night, but claimed that Nuannuan had schemed with the nurse to ignore her. Let’s see now, did Nuannuan ignore her, or did she do nasty things like defecating on the bed in order to frame Nuannuan? Watch properly and see whether your good daughter was wrong, or if Nuannuan was wrong!”

When Zhong Kuijun was speaking, he had already fast-forwarded the video on his cell phone to the part where Jiang Shuwan had awoken during the previous night.