My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 287

Chapter 287: Jealousy

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“Yes. Don’t come anymore. Since she loves her other daughter so much, let her other daughter take care of her. You go back to class.”

“Okay.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded.

“By the way, Nuannuan, are you going to the military base to give acupuncture to the commander-in-chief today?”

“I’m not going today.”

“When are you going then? Let Dad come along with you.”

Of course, Zhong Nuannuan knew what Zhong Kuijun’s intentions were.

“Dad, it’s enough for the commander-in-chief to have me there, I promise I won’t bring you shame. Don’t go, in case others start to gossip.”

Zhong Kuijun thought about this for a while, and figured that it made sense.

His daughter’s acupuncture skills were still quite formidable, which he could tell from his mother-in-law’s reactions. If she could cure a stubborn disease that even the hospital at the military base considered tricky, it would be a huge achievement.

Zhong Nuannuan was not a soldier, so this achievement would naturally be credited to him. If he did not lick their boots and hook up with them, maybe the commander-in-chief would have a higher regard for him.


“Nuannuan, Dad didn’t manage to ask you properly when we were in front of Leng Qirui yesterday. Can you let Dad know whether your acupuncture will really be useful in treating the commander-in-chief’s disease?”

“It’ll be useful. In any case, it definitely won’t hurt the commander-in-chief, so don’t worry about it.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s toward this person was good attitude. After all, he could help her pile the misery upon Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian at any time.

Although the experiences in her previous life told her that her father was not a good person, before she investigated the truth about her mother’s affairs, they could still make false promises to each other.

With Zhong Nuannuan’s guarantee, Zhong Kuijun finally felt relieved, and he got into an extremely good mood.

He took a card out of his wallet and handed it to Zhong Nuannuan. “Nuannuan, you can use up to 50,000 dollars from this credit card every month, and you can cash out the money as well. Its password is your birthday. Dad doesn’t know what you like and how much money you usually need, but since you already have a fianc, you have to ensure you don’t look too shabby. Take this. If you want to buy anything for yourself or for Chi Yang, just swipe this card.”

Grandma Jiang and Xie Congrong watched from the side with jealousy.

50,000 dollars a month!

Even they did not have 50,000 dollars every month!

“Kuijun, aren’t you spoiling your children too much? Nuannuan is just a student, and usually gets her food and accommodation in school. Why would she have the need to spend so much money?” Xie Congrong could not help but complain.

Grandma Jiang was just about to speak in agreement when she saw Zhong Kuijun shoot a razor-sharp glare at her. Hence, Grandma Jiang immediately decided to shut up.

Xie Congrong could only shut her mouth in anger too.

Zhong Kuijun had many opinions toward the Jiang Family now, and he felt angry whenever he saw these incompetent teammates.

Zhong Nuannuan watched the interaction between the three of them. Suddenly, a lightbulb popped up in her mind, and she suddenly felt enlightened about the doubts that had lingered in her mind since her previous life.

She accepted the card that Zhong Kuijun gifted to her, and gloated as she curiously flipped the card around and looked at it from all sides in front of Grandma Jiang and Xie Congrong, which made them envious. She even asked, “Dad, is this card really for me?”

Zhong Kuijun had a fatherly expression on his face. “Of course.”

“Then if I spend 50,000 dollars every month, will you scold me, Dad?”

Zhong Kuijun was afraid that Zhong Nuannuan would not understand, so he said bluntly, “This is a gift from me to you. If you feel unsafe about it, you can even open a bank card yourself, then withdraw the money from this card on the 1st of every month and deposit it into your own card.”

Seeing that Grandma Jiang and Xie Congrong’s eyes were almost green with envy, Zhong Nuannuan waved the card in the air. “Dad, thank you.”