My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Jiang Family Surrenders

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Zhong Kuijun felt slightly guilty when he saw Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes squinting as she smiled.

“You’re Dad’s daughter, so you don’t have to be so polite with me. If you can deal with your mom and sister, try to interact with them, but if you can’t handle them, you can ignore them. This is Dad’s special permission I’m granting you.

“Dad knows that asking them to apologize to you can’t make up for the harm they’ve caused you, so Dad cut your sister’s allowance from 30,000 dollars a month to 5000 dollars yesterday, in case she has too much money and starts causing trouble when she becomes bored.

“As for your mother, having to lie here for 60 days is already the biggest punishment for her.

“Don’t worry, your mom won’t be wandering around during these two months, and you don’t have to come and see her again. If she calls you, you can choose not to answer it as well.”

Zhong Nuannuan suddenly realized why Zhong Qianqian had looked so unpleasant when she saw her last night. Her allowance had been deducted!

Zhong Nuannuan flashed a bright smile. “Fortunately, I have Dad to support me so that I don’t feel like an unwanted orphan.”

“What are you talking about! Of course Dad will support you! You’re a well-justified daughter of our Zhong Family!”

Zhong Nuannuan had had enough of the Jiang Family, so she soon said goodbye to Zhong Kuijun. She also ignored both members of the Jiang Family.

After Zhong Nuannuan left, Grandma Jiang went straight to the point.

“Kuijun, will Nuannuan still be angry with us?”

Zhong Kuijun looked at Grandma Jiang as if she was an idiot. He did not have the inherently humble attitude of a son-in-law toward his mother-in-law at all.

Grandma Jiang also felt that her question was a bit silly, and immediately said, “Sigh, we’ve misunderstood this girl all along. Tell me, why do you think Wanwan just can’t figure it out? Our Cloud Group clearly depends on”

Just as she was about to say it, she was frightened by Zhong Kuijun’s sharp gaze. She instantly swallowed her words in fear.

She sighed again.

“Kuijun, I’ve been deceived by Wanwan all this while, that’s why my attitude toward Nuannuan was a little harsh. I promise you that from now on, I’ll definitely look over Wanwan strictly and make her treat Nuannuan well so Nuannuan won’t feel uneasy any more.

“Nuannuan is angry with her mother and I, and this has nothing to do with Hanlin. You can see that Hanlin is handling things for you all day long, but instead of punishing Wanwan when she does something wrong, you ordered for Hanlin’s income to be reduced. Isn’t that a bit inappropriate?

“How about this? From today onwards, everyone in our Jiang Family will make Wanwan go through ideological reeducation. As for the 10% deduction in income, can you choose not to execute it?”

Zhong Kuijun glanced around him. After making sure that no one was around, he replied gloomily, “Everyone in the Jiang Family knows about my warning to her, right? Yet what did you do in the face of my warning?

“If I don’t honor the punishment, you’ll be fearless, and will only ever agree with me overtly. Now, not only do I want to honor it, I’ll also show my ruthlessness now. If I ever find out if you bully and abuse Nuannuan again, it won’t just be a simple matter of deducting 10% from your income anymore. Don’t forget how you managed to get to where you are today!”

After saying that, he did not wait for Grandma Jiang to respond, and left the hospital with a stony expression.

Xie Congrong looked at Grandma Jiang with a dejected face. “Mom, what should we do? You can see that he is determined to do this.”

Grandma Jiang was silent, and she looked crestfallen.

Xie Congrong stomped her feet in anger. “It’s all Jiang Shuwan’s fault for insisting on causing trouble for Zhong Nuannuan. In order to frame Zhong Nuannuan, she actually defecated herself on the bed. Is she insane?”