My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Black Screen

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She was afraid that Grandma Jiang would be angry and defend her daughter’s shortcomings ater she scolded her, so she immediately channeled her hatred toward someone else. “Hanlin has to reduce our income now. Mom, you previously said that you were interested in the jade at Phoenix Pavilion, but we don’t even know if we can buy it anymore.”

Grandma Jiang was obsessed with collecting jade, and she particularly liked valuable jade. She had previously fancied a piece of jade worth 2.3 million dollars, and Jiang Hanlin had promised to buy it for her birthday. However, as things stood, her birthday was fast approaching, but the Jiang Family’s income had been reduced.

Sure enough, upon hearing Xie Congrong’s words, Grandma Jiang’s face darkened.

“Mom! Mom! What are you doing outside, hurry up and call someone to change my clothes and quilt, I want to take a bath! I’m getting choked to death!”

Jiang Shuwan’s yelling came from the room. Grandma Jiang snorted, ignored her, and left with Xie Congrong.

Jiang Shuwan shouted for a long time, but nobody responded. She was stunned.

The nurse was also gone without a trace.

Besides that, her ward was the farthest from the nurse’s station, and the pager above her…

She could not reach it!

Her cell phone, where was her cell phone?

Jiang Shuwan looked around, and finally saw it on the table beside her. She reached out for the cellphone, which had water all over it.

Jiang Shuwan tapped the screen…

It was black.

She remembered that the big cup of boiling water and all the water bottle’s contents had probably poured onto the cell phone, and that the table had a groove specially designed to hold cell phones. She quickly realized that the water had been collecting in the groove and was aghast!

This time, Jiang Shuwan could only yell herself hoarse in the room until her voice started to croak. After half an hour, the patient in the room next door came for an infusion, but asked his family to see what was going on after hearing her screaming. Afterward, he helped her to call the nurses at the hospital.

Jiang Shuwan was very unfortunate, and Zhong Nuannuan felt happy about this.

After exiting the hospital, she gave Selina a call.

“Big boss!”

“Go and help me find out who the actual shareholder of Cloud Group is.”

“Cloud Group?” Selina was startled. “Isn’t that the Jiang Family’s property?”

“Well, yes, but I suspect that the actual shareholder is not Jiang Hanlin, but my dad, Zhong Kuijun.”

“Tsk tsk, Big Boss, your dad is really accomplished! Even as a commander, he controls such a large financial group. I heard that your Cloud Group is going to be listed soon, right?”

“Seems like it.”

“Wow, Big Boss, then you’ll be so dope when you go out in the future. You’re the daughter of a soon-to-be publicly listed group!”



Selina truly felt that her big boss was really awesome. She did not want to assume her position as the president of four companies which were among the top 50 listed firms worldwide, but instead decided to become the daughter of a trashy financial group that had not even been listed yet. She even had to deal with in-house fighting all day while she was at it. Selina had no idea what she was thinking at all.

Could it be that she really wanted to become a doctor in the future like she had said?


Selina felt that her big boss must have been fooling them. Big Boss was definitely hiding her big move.

She would just wait. She believed that what her big boss was about to do after this would certainly throw them off guard.

“I got it, Big Boss, I’ll give you an answer as quickly as possible.”

After leaving the hospital, Zhong Nuannuan went to school.

The first class was mathematics, which was Zhong Nuannuan’s weakest subject. After all, she had never studied it systematically before, and in order to serve as a foil to Zhong Qianqian when she returned to the Zhong Family in her previous life, she had never read the books either. Hence, when it came to the subject of mathematics, she really did not know anything apart from the basics.