My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Last And Penultimate Place

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Therefore, in order to get good grades in her Year 3 Senior graduation exam, Zhong Nuannuan decided to start with mathematics from the Year 1 Junior level.

After buying the Year 1 Junior to Year 3 Junior textbooks from the Office of Academic Affairs, Zhong Nuannuan quickly started to read. Year 1 Junior mathematics was still quite simple, and she could basically understand it at a glance.

Leng Qirui saw that Zhong Nuannuan was reading very carefully, but she was not reading the contents of the teacher’s lecture, so he stretched his head and peered at her.

“Zhong Nuannuan, you’re actually reading Year 1 Junior mathematics!”

Zhong Nuannuan did not even raise her head. “Is there a problem?”

Was there a problem?

There was a huge problem, okay?!

“Didn’t you make a bet with Wu Wenqian, saying that you want her to make her give you her seat during the final exams?”

Oh my goodness, she was only beginning to study Year 1 Junior mathematics now, but she wanted to claim the spot of first place?

“Yes indeed!”

Leng Qirui’s eyebrows twitched. “If she asks you to kneel down to her when the time comes, I’ll think of a way to prevent her from coming to school for six months.”

Zhong Nuannuan finally raised her head to look at Leng Qirui. “Your father is the commander-in-chief, not an underworld boss. Now that Zhong Qianqian already knows your identity, can’t you just keep a lower profile?”

Leng Qirui put on an injured expression. ‘…I’m just doing this for you!’

“You don’t need to worry about my affairs, just take care of yourself. Don’t just play games all day. Fooling around with simple pleasures can sap one’s ambitions, do you know that?”

If someone else talked to him like this, he would be unhappy. He would be upset even if Leng Jinpeng had lectured him like this. However, after being scolded by Zhong Nuannuan, Leng Qirui did not feel angry at all. On the contrary, he liked the feeling of being controlled by her.

“I’m not just being playful. Do you know how good I am? I’m the No 1 guru in the entire server of this game, and so many people want to win me over. With my skill level, I’ll definitely be competing in the future.”

Leng Qirui’s eyes were shining when he said this. It was obvious that he really loved games and treated it as a career.

“You’re already first place in the whole server, so who else do you have to fight? Aren’t your opponents just scum to you?”

“This is different, I” Leng Qirui wanted to give an explanation to Zhong Nuannuan, but when faced with a person who knew nothing about games, he felt that whatever he said would be pointless.

“Anyway, in short, I’ll definitely establish myself in this field, so that my dad will never underestimate me anymore. He’ll no longer assume that I’m mixing around in the underworld whenever I talk about playing games in Internet cafes.”

Although Zhong Nuannuan did not understand e-sports at all, she had never thought of this as just a plaything.

Society nowadays was diversified, and being able to play games well was also a way out of poverty.

“I have faith in you!”

Leng Qirui’s eyes lit up. This was the first time someone had encouraged him like this.

“Really? You really have faith in me?”

“Yeah.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “As long as you can reach the national finals, I’ll definitely drag your dad out to cheer for you. Let him understand that e-sports are just like other sporting events, and that you can also win glory for your family and country.”

Leng Qirui was almost moved to the point of tears.


“However, you still have to take the exam properly. What if your team becomes the top team in the country, but then people find out that you placed last in the whole grade for the final exams. Wouldn’t that be too embarrassing?”

Leng Qirui was taken aback.

He had really never thought about this before!


“You’re the one who’s placed last in the whole grade, right?” He was clearly in the penultimate place.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at Leng Qirui until his back started tingling, and then asked, “Is there really a difference?”