My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Xoxo

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Leng Qirui quickly shook his head. “No!”

Fearing that he would be verbally attacked by Zhong Nuannuan again, he immediately changed the subject. “You’re only starting to read Year 1 Junior books now, so how can you guarantee that you’ll get first place in the final exams next month?”

“I’m revising.” Zhong Nuannuan lied without blushing.

“Then If I start revising things from Year 1 Senior now, can I get a good result by the time gaokao arrives?”

To prevent Zhong Nuannuan from chiding him, Leng Qirui added, “Actually I’m very smart.”

“Do you have eidetic memory?”

“…” Do you? He almost blurted out this sentence, but in the end, he bit his lip and did not dare to answer.

Seeing Leng Qirui looking like an angry little girl, Zhong Nuannuan’s tone softened a little. “As long as you work hard, you won’t end up getting last place in the whole grade.”

He was obviously in penultimate place!

Forget it, he felt that being calculative with the person who placed last in the whole year, who was even a girl, might make him appear a little inept.

After that, Leng Qirui turned off the game on his cell phone and began to listen to the lecture carefully.

When he tuned in, he realized that he could actually understand the lesson.

Thus, just like that, Young Master Leng began to study seriously.

Nearby, Zhong Nuannuan listened to the teacher’s lecture while quickly memorizing the knowledge of Year 1 Junior at the speed at which one would browse the internet.

At the end of one class, she had already finished reading one Year 1 Junior mathematics textbook.

The second class was Luntanese language. Zhong Nuannuan gave up on it immediately and choose to continue working on mathematics.

Just like that, a day passed in the blink of an eye.

When school was about to end, Zhong Nuannuan received a text message from Chi Yang.

[Young lady, I’ve already arrived at the apartment, what would you like to eat tonight?]

Zhong Nuannuan was speechless.

She had already invited her roommates to dinner yesterday, if she stood them up again tonight, it would be very bad!

[Big Brother Chi Yang, I told three roommates that I’d go eat dinner with them today. However, I also want to be together with you now, so can you invite them to dinner too?]

The text message was sent out, and Chi Yang responded in seconds.

[Sure. It so happens that the apartment has just been set up, and it’s the first time someone is moving in. How about you invite your roommates to come over to the apartment, and I’ll make all of you some good food?]

In truth, her Big Brother Chi Yang’s cooking was really extremely delicious, and Zhong Nuannuan felt that it was even better than what was prepared by chefs in five-star restaurants.

Therefore, when she saw him say that he would be cooking, she could not help but salivate. Her foodie nature was fully exposed.

[Okay! Then I’ll tell them, they’ll definitely be very happy.]

[So, I’ll cook at home, and I won’t come to pick you up after school. You and your roommates come straight here, okay?]

[Okay! O(_)O~~]

[Be careful on the road!]

[Okay! Thank you for your effort! XOXO!]

Very soon, Chi Yang replied.

[What is XOXO?]

Zhong Nuannuan was at a loss for words.

Her Big Brother Chi Yang was really an outdated man!

Hence, Zhong Nuannuan blushed slightly and sent an explanation. [It’s like 2333, understand?] (TN: ‘2333’ is a Chinese internet slang term used to describe laughter, similar to the English slang term ‘lol’.)

In order to prevent Big Brother Chi Yang from saying that she took the initiative to kiss him, Zhong Nuannuan added another line of text. [Actually, this is a term used when we say our goodbyes.]

Very quickly, Chi Yang replied to her text message.


Zhong Nuannuan was taken aback. What did he mean by ‘Okay’?

She curled her lips, thinking to herself that Big Brother Chi Yang really had no EQ.

As a girl, she had already said XOXO, so how could he say nothing back at all?

Forget it, it was fine even if his EQ was lower than average. After all, it did not change how well he treated her.