My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 292

Chapter 292: 2333

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Whether it was XOXO or 2333, Zhong Nuannuan was convinced that Chi Yang did not know what it meant. He only knew that it was a kind of modal particle like “Ah”, “Ya” and “Ma”, used when saying goodbye.

Suddenly, Zhong Nuannuan’s cell phone vibrated again, the message was still from Chi Yang. When she opened it


Zhong Nuannuan could not hold herself back and laughed out loud.

She could not imagine how Big Brother Chi Yang looked like when he made the 2333 expression.

Seeing Zhong Nuannuan texting away, Yan Fangfang blocked Zhong Nuannuan’s way as soon as the bell rang after class.

“Nuannuan, who are you texting that’s making you so happy? Your eyes are already crooked from smiling!”

Seeing the corners of Zhong Nuannuan’s lips still raised when she looked up, Mu Qingxuan, who had just walked over, smiled and said, “Is that even a question? It must be her director-general fianc.”

Gu Xiaoli’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Are you going to stand us up again and go on a date tonight?”

Zhong Nuannuan packed the things on her table. “How could I? Let’s go, my Big Brother Chi Yang will be cooking and personally entertaining us today.”

The few girls’ eyes lit up.

“Your director-general fianc can even cook?!”

“Yes, his end product is super good!” Zhong Nuannuan was humble at all as she praised her own fianc.

Yan Fangfang looked at Zhong Nuannuan enviously. “Is there anything your director-general fianc can’t do?”

Gu Xiaoli also wailed with jealousy. “Does your director-general finance have any brothers? Please introduce them to us!”

“He’s an only child.”

“Does he have any friends who are single then? Please introduce them to us!”

“Since you’ll also see him today, you can ask him directly. If he has any, he’d be glad to watch a relationship blossom.”

“Nuannuan, I love you! If I can find a person who has only half of his one-fifth No, one-tenth of his good qualities, I’ll be satisfied!” Gu Xiaoli’s eyes squinted as she smiled, looking delighted.

Zhong Qianqian, who was standing ahead, heard Zhong Nuannuan and the few girls’ conversation, and a hint of gloom flashed across her eyes.

“You’re inviting them to dinner? Well, aren’t you inviting me?” Leng Qirui asked eagerly.

Zhong Nuannuan was a little taken aback by Leng Qirui’s question, but still shot back very righteously, “Why should I invite you?”

“…” Leng Qirui was tongue-tied for a long time before he replied, “Well, I’m your good friend too!”

“Still, I’m inviting my roommates today, and you’re not my roommate.”

Leng Qirui was speechless. He felt as if he had received 10,000 poison and damage points.

Under Leng Qirui’s extremely resentful gaze, Zhong Nuannuan left with the three girls from her dormitory.

As soon as they walked out of the main gate, Zhong Nuannuan felt that someone was following them from behind, albeit not very skillfully.

That person probably did not expect the four of them to come out together, and even walk in a group. Thus, the person who was following them was forced to wait before making their move.

Seeing that the person tailing behind them had fallen farther and farther behind, looking as if he was not ready to take action today, Zhong Nuannuan said to the three girls from her dormitory, “Oh no, I placed my cell phone into the drawer after using it earlier.”

Everyone was speechless.

“Why are you standing here stupefied then? Quickly, go back and get it!”

Gu Xiaoli spoke anxiously, while Mu Qingxuan, who stood aside, had a sorry expression on her face. “You only remembered after walking all the way here I think your cell phone will have already been taken by the time you get back.”

“People have been losing their belongings in class more often recently, not to mention that you placed it in the drawer just like that. Hurry, go back and have a look, maybe the sticky-fingered person has already left and your cell phone is still there.”

“Okay, I’ll go back and have a look then. Wait for me, I’ll be right back.”

“Nuannuan, there’s a fruit shop across the road, we’ll wait for you there.”