My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 294

Chapter 294: The Person Following Her

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“Big Brother My father only gave me my card today, and I can only withdraw a maximum of 50,000 dollars from it every month, I Can I pay in installments?”

The leader’s eyes lit up when he heard Zhong Nuannuan’s voice.

When Zhong Nuannuan noticed their gaze, she knew that they definitely only received 50,000 dollars at most, and most likely much lower than that. Otherwise their attitude would not be like this.

Besides that, these people had a strong roguish aura, so they were likely just ordinary street thugs.

Therefore, she could be certain that Ou Mingxi was not the one that had hired these people. After all, Ou Mingxi would not be so unprofessional.

“Of course! However, you have to give me the card now. Tell me the password and I’ll send someone to withdraw the money. If I can successfully withdraw 50,000 dollars, I’ll let you go, okay?”

Although he said this, he already struggled to contain the evil lewdness in his eyes, which was brimming with lust. At this point, he was basically drooling.

“O Okay.”

Zhong Nuannuan put down her school bag, pulled out a card from it, and squeezed it in her hand timidly.

The thugs’ eyes lit up, and the leader quickly approached her, reaching out to snatch the card in her hand.

Unexpectedly, Zhong Nuannuan raised her foot and aimed a powerful kick at the figurehead’s crotch.

Only a muffled hum was heard. The other thugs had not managed to react before the man in the black shirt fell to the ground with his legs crossed, his eyes bulging.

‘D*mnit, how dare you look down on me!’

‘Even if someone is watching me right now, I’ll make you die without an heir first.’

At that instant, while everyone was still dazed, Zhong Nuannuan refused to let her victim go. She jumped up and stomped in the direction of the man’s nether regions.


Hearing an unbearably tragic cry, everyone was completely stunned, and their legs subconsciously clamped down around their family jewels. With a look of horror and disbelief, they stared at the woman who had looked like a pitiful, little cat a moment ago, but had turned into a lion in the blink of an eye.

After Zhong Nuannuan had smashed the figurehead’s gonads to smithereens, she realized that the person sent by Chi Yang still had not rushed in to save her. Therefore, she picked up her school bag and ran outside the woods with the speed of an ordinary schoolgirl.

The group of thugs only came back to their senses at this moment, and they shouted angrily, “Catch that b*tch, don’t let her get away!”

After they said that, Zhong Nuannuan ran even faster.

She was about to run out of the woods, but the other party had already caught up to her.

“B*tch, you’re looking to die!”

The incoming person raised his fist, about to hit Zhong Nuannuan’s face, but Zhong Nuannuan did not offer any resistance, save for that tremendous kick earlier. Hence, she could only instinctively use her arms to block the blow.

At this point, the person who had been following her in secret finally took action.

Before the rogue’s fist landed on Zhong Nuannuan’s face, a long and slender leg kicked the thug nearest to Zhong Nuannuan away.

Faced with this sudden change in the circumstances, the thugs were unable to react. Before they could make a move, the incoming person had already knocked the six people surrounding her to the ground with just a few blows, such that they could no longer get up.

Zhong Nuannuan was delighted when she saw the incoming person wearing Jia Yong’s undergraduate uniform.

She did not know whether he was originally an undergraduate at Jia Yong or had just been arranged by Big Brother Chi Yang to come in today, but in any case Big Brother Chi Yang was very thoughtful.

The person stepped on the leg of the hooligan who wanted to hit Zhong Nuannuan. A snapping sound was heard, and the hooligan let out a cry that was equal to volume and shrillness to his leader’s screams.