My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 297

Chapter 297: A Mans Apron

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“No.” Chi Yang refused without hesitating. “His main task is to protect you. In the process of carrying out his main task, he also has side tasks that I’ve stipulated for him. He can only pass the assessment if he completes each task well and gets a high comprehensive score.”

“What happens if he passes the assessment?”

“If he passes the assessment, I can let him officially become my subordinate.”

Originally, Zhong Nuannuan still wanted to plead for Yang Yi, but when she thought that this person would become Chi Yang’s subordinate in the future and fight side by side with him, she stopped defending him.

After all, everything Chi Yang did involved important matters that were life and death situations, and being too lax now would be plain irresponsible.

Zhong Nuannuan returned to the place where she had originally agreed to meet up with her roommates, only to find that there was one more person.

“Leng Qirui, why are you here?”

“You dislocated my butler’s arm, and he can’t cook for me now. I want to go to your house to get a free meal.”

“Is your flamboyant butler the one who usually cooks for you?” Could this guy voice out his reason for coming to scrounge for a free meal any more openly?

“I don’t care, anyway, I just have no food to eat, and I want to eat at your house.” Leng Qirui was shameless, he also wanted to eat the meals made by Big Brother Chi himself. The most important thing was that he was usually abused by Chi Yang, so this time, he wanted Chi Yang to serve him. Even if it was just this once, he would be happy.

“Nuannuan, did you manage to find your cell phone?”

“Yes, I found it. I was lucky, it didn’t get stolen.”

“That’s good.”

Looking at the various-sized bags of food in her roommates’ hands, Zhong Nuannuan was stunned. “What are you girls doing?”

“We’re embarrassed to go to your house empty-handed. We just bought some food to eat. Don’t reject it.” Mu Qingxuan smiled.

“You’re all too polite. Let’s go.”

The group of people went to the apartment and rang the doorbell.

When Chi Yang opened the door and appeared in front of everyone wearing casual clothes and an apron wrapped around his waist, everyone except Zhong Nuannuan was dumbfounded.

Especially Leng Qirui, who was accustomed to seeing Chi Yang with a Hades-like expression. His eyeballs almost popped out of his head from staring too long.

His character had done a 180!

“Big Big Brother Chi, you’re actually wearing an apron!” Even Leng Qirui’s voice became sharper.

Mu Qingxuan glanced at Leng Qirui in surprise. It turned out that Young Master Leng and Nuannuan’s Big Brother Director-General knew each other. No wonder the two of them got out of the same car yesterday morning.

The other two people looked at Zhong Nuannuan enviously.

They knew that tonight’s food was to be cooked by Big Brother Director-General himself. However, when they saw how this man, who previously even had the school chairman bow and nod at him when he appeared in the classroom, had turned into such a family man for Zhong Nuannuan, they were completely blown away.

Chi Yang ignored Leng Qirui. He looked at Zhong Nuannuan as his eyes softened into pools of water. “You’ve come home?”

As he asked the question, Chi Yang smoothly unloaded the school bag that was resting on Zhong Nuannuan’s shoulder.

“Yeah.” Zhong Nuannuan nodded and smiled as she introduced Chi Yang. “I want to introduce them to you. This is Mu Qingxuan, this is Yan Fangfang, this is Gu Xiaoli.”

Chi Yang nodded to the three people. “Hello.”

The three girls were slightly nervous, and they all greeted Chi Yang. After that, they lowered their heads and no longer dared to speak. This was completely different from their usual chattiness whenever she saw them.

“Please come in.”

Chi Yang was also slightly anxious when he noticed their uneasy appearance, but he did not know what to do in order not to scare the girls, so he could only move aside quickly and invite them in.