My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 300

Chapter 300: Mu Qingxuans Childhood Sweetheart

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“Well, yes, his surname is Ning, his name is Ning Wenhao, and he’s Chi Yang’s deputy. Why? Do you fancy him?”

Mu Qingxuan’s face instantly turned red at a noticeable rate. “No, what nonsense! I just felt that he looked very similar to my childhood companion. I even thought it was him.”

As she spoke of her childhood companion, Mu Qingxuan’s eyes filled with loneliness.

“What was your companion’s name?”

“Chen Ye. I was four years old at that time, and Big Brother Chen Ye was 10 years old when he moved to my house. We were neighbors.”

“So, he’s your childhood sweetheart!” Yan Fangfang joked. “I didn’t expect our cold and untouchable Beauty Mu to already have a little sweetheart at just four years old.”

Usually, Mu Qingxuan would have played together with Yan Fangfang, but today, after meeting Ning Wenhao, Mu Qingxuan’s mind was fuzzy.

It was clear that even though it had just been a child’s affection, Mu Qingxuan cherished these memories a lot.

“I’ll help you ask.”

Although Zhong Nuannuan was not a warm-hearted person, Mu Qingxuan was still her roommate.

After hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s words, Mu Qingxuan became nervous and stared at Ning Wenhao, who was busy rushing around in the kitchen.

Upon seeing Zhong Nuannuan open the kitchen door, Chi Yang quickly spun around as if he was protecting a calf. “Nuannuan, there’s a lot of oily smoke here, quickly close it and go to the living room.”

Everyone was speechless.

This unexpected wave of affection!

This was especially true for Ning Wenhao, who glanced bitterly at his big boss.

He was so distressed when his fiance merely opened the kitchen door. As his friend, he had been helping him out in the kitchen the entire time, so why did he not feel any sympathy for him?

Although he was a tough man, he was only tough on the outside, not on the inside! Why did he have to treat bachelors like this?

This was so suffocating!

“I’m here to look for Big Brother Ning.”

When he heard that his fiance was actually looking for Ning Wenhao instead of himself, Chi Yang shot a sharp gaze at the other man.

Ning Wenhao almost peed himself in fright, and he quickly displayed his loyalty. “Big Boss, sister-in-law and I are innocent! Our relationship is as clear as day!”

It was only then that Zhong Nuannuan noticed Chi Yang’s resentful gaze. She hurriedly walked over, took his arm and spoke coquettishly, “I’m here to help Qingxuan ask Big Brother Ning a question.”

When he heard that she was looking for Ning Wenhao on behalf of another woman, Chi Yang’s jealousy immediately disappeared.

“Oh? What question? He has been with me for many years, and I basically know everything about him.”

“When Qingxuan saw Big Brother Ning earlier, she said that he looks very similar to a friend she knew from when she was a child. Yet, her friend’s name is Chen Ye. That’s why I want to ask Big Brother Ning if he has ever used this name before.”

Chi Yang shook his head affirmatively. “No.”

After saying that, he looked at Ning Wenhao. “Have you used this name before?”

Ning Wenhao also shook his head in astonishment. “No, I’ve always been called Ning Wenhao.”

The living room was not far from the kitchen. When Mu Qingxuan heard what Ning Wenhao said, her eyes reddened, and she started to feel a dull ache in her heart.

In order not to hide any telltale signs, Mu Qingxuan could only blink her tears away quickly.


Why did Big Brother A Ye ignore her?

Why did Big Brother A Ye not admit his previous name?

Had he really forgotten about her?

Otherwise, was he angry with her, and did not want to interact with her anymore?

“Qingxuan, Big Brother Ning said that he has never used this name before. You may have gotten the wrong person.”