My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Flip The Table

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Mu Qingxuan flashed a somber smile. “Maybe I really mistook him for someone else.”

At first, everyone still wanted to ask her about her childhood sweetheart, but when they saw that Mu Qingxuan was sad, they gave up on the idea.

This incident passed very quickly. This was because everyone’s attention was diverted to Young Master Leng’s handsome figure.

“Hey, Nuannuan, how does your Big Brother Director-General know Young Master Leng? Why is Young Master Leng so obedient toward him?” Yan Fangfang could not help but gossip.

Leng Qirui cleaned the place despondently while looking at Yan Fangfang with an unkind gaze. However, the object of Yan Fangfang’s gossip was Zhong Nuannuan, so she did not detect his intimidation at all.

“It’s because his father is the commander-in-chief of the military base, and my Big Brother Chi Yang is the commander-in-chief’s apprentice. He basically watched him grow up, so”

Zhong Nuannuan gave Yan Fangfang a look that said “You know”. Yan Fangfang understood what she was trying to say.

She remembered Young Master’s happy expression, which looked as if he was about to swallow the whole heaven and earth, when he was thinking about having a meal at Nuannuan’s place earlier. When she compared it with his resentful appearance now, despite the fact that he dared not look like he was slacking off, Yan Fangfang felt that her impression of Young Master Leng’s arrogant and cool persona had completely collapsed.

Sure enough, Nuannuan’s Big Brother Director-General was still the most handsome!

Leng Qirui did not dare to struggle and complain. After he quickly and efficiently cleaned the area, he ran to place the broom back in its place. Then, he spoke to Chi Yang, “Big Brother Chi, I’ve finished cleaning. I still have something to do first, so I’ll leave now.”

Chi Yang ignored him and continued to fry the ribs in the pan. However, without Chi Yang’s approval, Leng Qirui dared not leave after speaking.

After the red pork ribs were placed into the pot, they were quickly dyed red by the sweet and sour condiments inside. The rock sugar, which had melted into the dish, added a certain brightness to the sweet and sour ribs. The slightly viscous sweet and sour sauce wrapped each rib, making it look as if it had been brushed with a layer of honey.

The sweet and sour scent assailed one’s nostrils, and instantly opened Leng Qirui’s taste buds, who was standing at the door, such that he could not help but silently swallow a mouthful of saliva.

It was not until the sweet and sour ribs got out of the pot, and Chi Yang had poured the ribs onto the plate that he finally raised his head.

“What did you say?”

Looking at the shiny sweet and sour ribs in front of him, Leng Qirui held himself back fiercely and repeated what he had said earlier.


“What is more important for you than to stay here and help me?”

Leng Qirui was speechless.

The usually arrogant and cool Young Master Leng was a kitten in front of Chi Yang. He was abused since he was young, but Young Master Leng, who could even get angry at his own dad, simply did not dare to cause trouble with Chi Yang.

Leng Qirui did not dare to speak after being questioned by Chi Yang like this, and he began to help Chi Yang in a proper manner.

“Leng Qirui, go and wash some green onions.”

“Go and peel five cloves of garlic.”

“Scrape me a piece of ginger and cut it into slices.”

The three big men were busy in the kitchen, while the four girls sat in the living room outside eating snacks, watching reruns of variety shows, and gossiping. All the while they were laughing happily.

It was soon dinner time.

Leng Qirui was relieved. He had just sat down next to Zhong Nuannuan and stretched his waist when he heard Ning Wenhao call out, “Lil Rui, have you wiped the table?”

Leng Qirui was at a loss for words.

He felt like flipping the table!

When the three girls heard that they were about to eat, they consciously put down the snacks in their hands. After washing their hands, they got ready to help serve the dishes. However, Chi Yang and Ning Wenhao stopped them at the same time.

“You’re guests, just sit and wait to eat.”

Leng Qirui, who was serving the soup, was dumbstruck again. Was he not a guest too?