My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Does It Hurt?

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“Just sit back and wait for dinner, it’s enough to have three people working in the kitchen.”

Zhong Nuannuan handled her three slightly bewildered roommates, then turned to enter the kitchen.

Although he said so, Big Brother Chi Yang was tired after working in the military base all day, and she could not bear to see this. Although she did not know how to cook, at least she could help to serve the dishes.

However, she had only just gone in and reached out her hands when Chi Yang stopped her.

“Don’t move!”

Chi Yang held Zhong Nuannuan’s hands with one hand as he brushed her tender little hand with his fingertips.

“The dishes have just come out of the pot, so watch out or you’ll get scalded.”

“I won’t get scalded, don’t worry.”

“No.” Chi Yang refused. “Girls should live a pampered life. The kitchen fumes are so thick, it’s not good for you.”

Everyone including Leng Qirui, who liked Zhong Nuannuan, was at a loss for words.

The wave of affection caught everyone off guard. Leng Qirui, who was trying to quickly scoop the white rice dessert from the small steaming pot with his bare hands, paused for a moment, causing the piping hot dish to instantly burn his hands.

Leng Qirui screamed in pain, and the steaming bowl fell back into the pot again.

Chi Yang turned to look at Leng Qirui. Under his ferocious gaze, Leng Qirui weakly stammered, “It’s too hot.”

He was really not to blame.

Who told them to show such public displays of affection everywhere they went?

However, Chi Yang still did not pull back his gaze.

“It’s really hot, I said that it was scalding, but you didn’t believe me. Look at my hands!”

After saying that, Leng Qirui showed his fingers to Chi Yang, which were red from the light burn and were slowly starting to swell.

Zhong Nuannuan also saw this from the side. “Oh my, it’s really quite red. Is there any cooling oil at home?”

Zhong Nuannuan’s concern for Leng Qirui caused a wave of jealousy to soar in Chi Yang’s heart. Although he knew that his fiance did not like men like Leng Qirui, he just could not bear to see his fiance care for any other men other than him.

“Blame him for being stupid. There’s no need to apply medicine for such a small burn.” After that, he comforted Zhong Nuannuan and said, “It’s nothing, men have rough skin, so you don’t have to care for such a minor burn.”

Leng Qirui cussed to himself.

Enough was enough!

“What do you mean I’m stupid? I already said that I needed something to take it out. You don’t have any tongs in the house, and you made me hold it with my bare hands. Do you know how hot this is? You were even acting all lovey-dovey when I was picking it up, and that’s why I got scalded! If you have the ability, try holding it in your hand for three seconds without moving!”

Leng Qirui’s face was filled with indignation and resentment.

That T-Rex, Zhong Nuannuan only reached out to pick up a dish, but Chi Yang was already afraid that she would be scalded. He on the other hand, was clearly already burned, but Chi Yang not only insulted him, he also refused to give him any medicine.

What a stingy man!

Without warning, as soon as Leng Qirui said this, Chi Yang walked over, calmly took out the bowl of white rice dessert from the pot, and held it in his hands for one second, two seconds, three seconds, four seconds, five seconds…

It was not until Zhong Nuannuan screamed anxiously in distress that Chi Yang finally put the bowl down.

As soon as he put it down, Ning Wenhao walked over.

“Is it really that hot?”

After that, he picked up the bowl, tested the temperature, and said

“You call this hot?”

Subsequently, he walked out, carrying the bowl lightly, before placing it on the dining table.

Leng Qirui was shocked!

“Are your hands alright?”

Zhong Nuannuan hurriedly took Chi Yang’s hands and flattened his palms. When she saw his fingertips redden slightly, she lowered her head and blew at his hands in slight anguish.

“Does it hurt?”

Ning Wenhao came in after serving the dishes, and picked up another bowl of cold dishes to be served. When he heard Zhong Nuannuan’s question, he smiled.

He was just about to tell her that his big boss had superb endurance, and that such a minor scalding did not even amount to an itch to him. As a result…