My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Did You Enjoy That Display Of Affection

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The moment he was about to say something, he heard his big boss say, “It hurts a little, but it’s fine.”


The tray Ning Wenhao was carrying slipped from his hands, causing the bowl to crash onto the ground, spraying food everywhere.

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

Chi Yang, “”

Leng Qirui, “Hahahahaha Big Brother Ning, did you enjoy that display of affection?”

Ning Wenhao, “!!!”

He watched himself destroy his big boss’ efforts. Ning Wenhao silently groaned as he quickly ran out of the kitchen and toward the balcony to look for the broom, all the while trying his best to avoid being beaten up by his big boss.

“I’ll get some medicine for you to apply.”

Zhong Nuannuan continued her previous conversation, clearly prioritizing Big Brother Chi Yang’s hands over the broken plates. Those fallen dishes were not that important.


Chi Yang had been prepared to punish Ning Wenhao, who had the gall to ruin his wife’s favorite dish of marinated carrots, cucumber, and rice noodles. However, the moment he heard that his wife wanted to help him apply some medicine, his unhappiness disappeared.

Chi Yang nodded as he followed obediently Zhong Nuannuan as she pulled at his hand and led him out of the kitchen. Compared to the joy of his little wife helping him put medicine on his hand, that lost plate of marinated carrots, cucumber, and rice noodles was nothing.

Leng Qirui, “”

Leng Qirui’s hand was burnt as well. It was even swollen from it!

Without warning, Chi Yang suddenly turned his head around to look at him. “Leng Qirui, bring the other dishes out to the table quickly.”

He followed Zhong Nuannuan out after saying this.

Leng Qirui, “”

He felt like his chest had been stabbed by ten thousand knives.

Leng Qirui was almost going to cry from being bullied. He watched as Chi Yang casually walked out while Zhong Nuannuan held his hands. Leng Qirui could almost see a happy tail wagging behind Chi Yang’s back.

One was a T-Rex who transformed into a kitten in front of her boyfriend.

The other was a T-Rex who transformed into a loyal dog in front of his girlfriend.

Both were extremely vicious characters, yet were so gentle when facing each other. They were really made for each other.

Chi Yang sat inside his bedroom, enjoying the fact that Zhong Nuannuan was applying medication to his fingertips.

There was a buzzing sensation coming from his fingertips and Chi Yang could not help but close his eyes.

His little wife’s hands were so soft. It was so comforting to feel them caressing his fingertips

On the other hand, Zhong Nuannuan knew Chi Yang was doing this on purpose.

He had suffered far more serious wounds than this before. When Chi Yang went through that terrifying surgery, he claimed to not be in pain on the few occasions she had dropped by to see him. Moreover, he would head back for duty at the military base before his wounds had fully recuperated every single time he was injured.

So, why would he be in pain with just this little bit of redness, without any sign of his finger being swollen?

However, her heart softened at his very mention of pain.

What could she do when she was so willing to spoil him?

She felt happy at the satisfied and satisfied look in his eyes.

This was her man. If she did not pamper him, who would?

Zhong Nuannuan put the ointment on every finger for him, rubbing it in one by one. After coating each finger, she would massage it for him, blow on it, then give it a gentle rub.

It did not take long for Chi Yang’s little buddy to have a reaction.

The dishes were already set on the table. As a laborer, Leng Qirui was finally able to sit down and have a meal, but unfortunately, the two people in the bedroom had been in there for five minutes now, and it did not look like they were coming out.

Leng Qirui’s tummy was so empty that he could almost feel his stomach touching his spine. This was because he had eaten quite a lot for breakfast and did not take any lunch. In addition to that, he had just finished exercising and his eyes were turning dark because of hypoglycemia.

As he watched the others sitting around the table with him, waiting to start the meal, Leng Qirui knew that there was no point in trying to get Ning Wenhao’s help. The same applied to the three uptight girls. Thus, Leng Qirui had no choice but to personally get those two to come out and begin the meal.

The door to the bedroom was only half-closed as both of them had merely entered the room to put on medication. Because of this, Leng Qirui did not think much of it as he casually pushed the door open.