My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Childhood Sweethearts

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The ride home was silent. When they reached their destination, all three girls thanked Ning Wenhao as they prepared to get out of the car.

Ning Wenhao then opened the door for the three girls. Yan Fangfang and Gu Xiaoli got out first while Mu Qingxuan was the last one out as she was seated the furthest from the door.

Mu Qingxuan went into a daze as she watched the tall, towering figure right next to her. Lost in thought, she forgot about the difference in height between an SUV and a normal car, causing her to miss her step.

“Be careful.”

Ning Wenhao was quick to react as he reached out and scooped Mu Qingxuan into his arms.

She felt herself land against his sturdy chest as Mu Qingxuan’s eyes glazed over a little.

She remembered how she used to play in his arms, refusing to leave, when she was younger.

He was also a child back then. His chest might not have been sturdy when they were younger, but it was warm and fuzzy.

Every time she lost her temper, he would give in to her and let her sit in his arms as he read out loud a comic book for young girls that proved to be obscure and difficult for him to understand. Every time Ning Wenhao encountered a word he did not recognize and tried to skip it, he would flip through the dictionary patiently, insisting that the sentence be completed. After that, he would read the story again for her.

Back then, she wanted to marry him when she grew up.


As Mu Qingxuan fell into his arms in a daze, Ning Wenhao actually did not want it to end as he took in her fragrance.

He did not want to push her away from him.

He stood tall while his hand wrapped around her waist, allowing her to quietly rest in his arms. She did not remove herself from the embrace, while he similarly remained quiet.

It was not until Yan Fangfang let out a soft cough that Mu Qingxuan awoke from her reverie, only to realize she had been burying herself in Ning Wenhao’s arms whilst daydreaming. Her face turned red quickly.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Big Brother Ning, I I must have lost my head!”

Mu Qingxuan felt embarrassed to death.

She had actually stayed in Ning Wenhao’s arms without moving an inch like a sappy girl.

It was just too

Mu Qingxuan was a girl who had been brought up well, and this situation made her want to crawl into a hole.

Ning Wenhao thought she looked adorable when he noticed how coy and silly she appeared in her embarrassed state.

“It’s no problem, anyone will occasionally experience be absent-minded. Don’t worry about it.”

His words were like magicas Mu Qingxuan’s embarrassment instantly disappeared.

He knew that Mu Qingxuan might have mistaken him for someone else. He wanted to find out more about that person, but it was inconvenient for him to ask her about this when Yan Fangfang and Gu Xiaoli were around.

“Big Brother Ning, thank you for sending us home. Goodbye.”

“You’re welcome, goodbye.”

Ning Wenhao almost called out to Mu Qingxuan when he saw her disappointed figure walk away, but he held it back.

He found himself feeling concerned over this girl who had suddenly appeared in his life and whom he had no previous connection to at all.

However, he quickly shook his head, getting rid of any thoughts of a personal relationship.

Relationships were a burden to him. What he needed to do now was to train properly under his Big Boss and complete every mission handed to him, achieving the best results in the shortest time.

Leng Qirui could not wait to leave after he was done with the dishes.

He had to endure so much labor over a meal, and was even forcefully fed a scene of a couple being loving to each other. It was like being stabbed in the heart with numerous knives. Worst of all was that he did not even eat much at dinner.

It was like a double penalty, which also meant double the loss. He told himself he would never do such a thing again.

This was entrapment.

Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan were the only ones left in the condo after Leng Qirui took his leave.

One of them had worked the whole day while the other had spent the full day studying. Thus, Chi Yang got Zhong Nuannuan to take a shower immediately after Leng Qirui left.

There were three roomstwo living rooms, and two bathroomsin this house Chi Yang had bought. It was a high-end condo that was in move-in condition. Naturally, it was much nicer than the accommodation at the military base.

Chi Yang took his shower while Zhong Nuannuan had hers.

By the time Zhong Nuannuan was done, Chi Yang had already finished washing the dishes and was tidying up the house.

“Done with your shower?”


Chi Yang took the dirty clothes from her hand when Zhong Nuannuan replied. He then walked towards the bathroom.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, let me wash them.”

Zhong Nuannuan ran after him and tried to take her clothes back from Chi Yang’s hands, but Chi Yang would not allow her to do so.

“No. A girl’s hands will become rough if they handle detergent too often.”

This was how her Big Brother Chi Yang was. He was a man who, once in love, would pamper his lover to no end.

Her heart must have been smeared and blinded by lard in her last life to have rejected such a good man and pushed him away.

Zhong Nuannuan accompanied him while Chi Yang washed the clothes in the bathroom. This made Chi Yang feel happy, even though he was the one doing laundry.

“Did she cause any trouble when you visited her at the hospital yesterday?”

“Of course she did. She caused a lot of trouble.”

Zhong Nuannuan could not stop talking at the mention of Jiang Shuwan.

She happily told Chi Yang about how she had used Jiang Shuwan’s money to bribe the nurse taking care of Jiang Shuwan to lay a trap, about how Jiang Shuwan defected all over the bed in order to malign her, and how her grandmother had arrived and tried to play devil’s advocate. She also went on to tell him about how Zhong Kuijun had solved everything in the end.

Zhong Nuannuan was in a jovial mood when she talked about it, but the more Chi Yang listened, the deeper he frowned. The more she told him, the deeper his heart ached for her.

Even so, he tried to hold it all in while he finished hanging up the laundry. By then, Zhong Nuannnuan was also done with her gossiping.

Once he was finished, Chi Yang turned to see the smiling girl who had gone through such intense humiliation. It made his heart ache terribly and he finally reached out toward her

Nuanunuan loved this feeling. She tip-toed to accommodate him.

Chi Yang’s eyes turned dark as he lifted his little wench up against his waist and quickly walked into the bedroom.