My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Heartache For Nuannuan

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There were three roomstwo living rooms, and two bathroomsin this house Chi Yang had bought. It was a high-end condo that was in move-in condition. Naturally, it was much nicer than the accommodation at the military base.

Chi Yang took his shower while Zhong Nuannuan had hers.

By the time Zhong Nuannuan was done, Chi Yang had already finished washing the dishes and was tidying up the house.

“Done with your shower?”


Chi Yang took the dirty clothes from her hand when Zhong Nuannuan replied. He then walked towards the bathroom.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, let me wash them.”

Zhong Nuannuan ran after him and tried to take her clothes back from Chi Yang’s hands, but Chi Yang would not allow her to do so.

“No. A girl’s hands will become rough if they handle detergent too often.”

This was how her Big Brother Chi Yang was. He was a man who, once in love, would pamper his lover to no end.

Her heart must have been smeared and blinded by lard in her last life to have rejected such a good man and pushed him away.

Zhong Nuannuan accompanied him while Chi Yang washed the clothes in the bathroom. This made Chi Yang feel happy, even though he was the one doing laundry.

“Did she cause any trouble when you visited her at the hospital yesterday?”

“Of course she did. She caused a lot of trouble.”

Zhong Nuannuan could not stop talking at the mention of Jiang Shuwan.

She happily told Chi Yang about how she had used Jiang Shuwan’s money to bribe the nurse taking care of Jiang Shuwan to lay a trap, about how Jiang Shuwan defected all over the bed in order to malign her, and how her grandmother had arrived and tried to play devil’s advocate. She also went on to tell him about how Zhong Kuijun had solved everything in the end.

Zhong Nuannuan was in a jovial mood when she talked about it, but the more Chi Yang listened, the deeper he frowned. The more she told him, the deeper his heart ached for her.

Even so, he tried to hold it all in while he finished hanging up the laundry. By then, Zhong Nuannnuan was also done with her gossiping.

Once he was finished, Chi Yang turned to see the smiling girl who had gone through such intense humiliation. It made his heart ache terribly and he finally reached down towards her and kissed his girl on the lips.

It was nearly always Chi Yang who took the initiative. Zhong Nuannuan was initially surprised by the kiss, but her hands later caressed Chi Yang’s cheeks as she maneuvered into another angle and kissed him back.

Previously, when they were about to have dinner, Chi Yang’s tongue had reached into her. Even though it had been just a brief moment before things ended when Leng Qirui suddenly appeared, Zhong Nuannuan had nevertheless still loved the feeling.

She loved the feeling of his warm tongue intertwining with hers.

Now, Zhong Nuannuan took a leaf from Chi Yang’s books and moved her tongue about, attempting to move her way through his jaws.

It was clear that there was no need for her tongue to fight its way in. The moment her tongue slid into action, he obediently allowed her entry.

Chi Yang’s breathing got heavier as he felt his little wife’s warm silky tongue, accompanied by a fragrant taste, in his mouth.

He reached out and gently pulled her legs up to his waist, lifting his little wife up with complete ease.

Zhong Nuannuan was intoxicated by the sweetness of it all. She was like a child exploring a brave new world as she let herself go inside his mouth, seeking adventure in this strange civilization.

Her tongue moved along his upper jaw before brushing against the back of his teeth.

Her naughty tongue had her way with his mouth as she moved about unrestrained, without realizing her cheeky kissing was causing a fiery passion to ignite within Chi Yang.

Chi Yang did not want this little wench to realize what was happening, and he could only carry her on his waist before quickly heading for the bedroom.