My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Foolhardy Fellow

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Zhong Nuannuan was lifted up high by Chi Yang. She lowered her head slightly, her lips challenging his in a passionate fight. Chi Yang did not want her to find out about what was going on with the foolhardy fellow, Lil Yang, below his waist. And he did not dare to let her butt go any lower, instead making sure she was kept high above his waist.

He lifted his jaw slightly to welcome the kiss from his little wife.

His handsome, resolute features looked incredibly gentle under the warm light.

This eagle-like man in front of her had put aside every single bit of hard-headedness within him, displaying only the most gentle side of himself to her.

“Girl, take a breath.”

Chi Yang could not help reminding her as he could sense his little wife almost stop breathing.

It was only then that Zhong Nuannuan moved away from his lips. She took in the fresh air in big gulps.

The look in Chi Yang’s eyes darkened as he watched her little cherry lips open and close as he wished her lips were still on his.

This silly little thing did not know to breathe!

Once he was sure she had enough air in her lungs, Chi Yang placed her on the bed as his handsome face pressed onto hers forcefully.

However, the moment he touched her, the little thing flipped to the side and casually tripped him with her leg. Chi Yang had not expected her to do this and was not prepared as he swiftly fell onto the bed.

Nuannuan took the opportunity to flip onto him and take the upper hand with her entire body. A simple move had got her what she wanted, causing Chi Yang to subtly raise an eyebrow.

She continued sitting on his waist while he laid down, willingly allowing her to mount him. He was prepared to give her anything she wanted.

Their positions were like that of a vision of a male lion grazing on a vast, grassy field with a proud, coquettish little kitten riding on it.

It felt for Zhong Nuannuan as she sat on Chi Yang’s waist.

This action was strong and forceful, yet was not tiring.

Soon enough, she could not help grinding her butt against his waist as she sat there.

Chi Yang was so aroused by her movements that he almost went down on her.

Zhong Nuannuan had no idea at all what her playful movements were doing to Chi Yang. She twisted about for a moment more, and right before Chi Yang wanted to have his way with her, she finally stopped moving her butt.

She bent down, slowly getting closer until her face was right up against Chi Yang’s. Their noses were almost touching when she suddenly kissed Chi Yang on his eyelids.

When she got close to him, he complied by shutting his eyes. Thus, her kiss fell on his thick dark eyelashes.

She kissed him on his deep, mysterious eyes, she kissed him on his wide forehead, she kissed him on his sharp nose, she kissed him on his determined, thin lips, she kissed him on his steadfast jaw

Zhong Nuannuan turned to target his face, kissing him on his sensitive earlobe.

When she had massaged him the day before, her hands had accidentally touched his ears, which caused him to tremble slightly. The moment her lips kissed him on the earlobe, Chi Yang’s body could not help but respond with a minor tremble.

Chi Yang stared intently at Zhong Nuanuan. The deep look in his eyes was like an infinite void, seemingly going on forever.

As for Zhong Nuannuan, she had no idea what was going on with Chi Yang. She was just like a playful little kitten playing atop a lion who was about to demonstrate his prowess to her. As Chi Yang’s eyes opened to look dangerously at her, she moved her lips and started kissing him on his Adam’s apple.

Chi Yang’s neck was long, which made him look exceptionally handsome when he put on his military uniform and buttoned up his collar. Those with shorter necks could not hope to compare.