My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 308

Chapter 308: This Is Fun

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The Chi Yang who buttoned up his collar was a God of War level Chastity Type Adonis. He was so handsome it was difficult to resist him.

Zhong Nuannuan had noticed his sexy Adam’s apple the first time she saw him after her resurrection. She had promised herself she would find out what it felt like to kiss his Adam’s apple once they had gotten closer in this life.

It turned out that kissing it felt much more wonderful than she had imagined.

This felt especially so when his body trembled slightly at the touch of her lips on his Adam’s apple, causing it to move slightly. It was so sexy that Zhong Nuannuan wanted to scream out loud.

Zhong Nuannuan could not help lowering her head to give him another kiss as she watched the man lying on the bed, looking like a piece of art.

To be honest, Chi Yang had never thought his little wife would be so passionately forward after accepting a man wholeheartedly.

He was moved by this passion, and felt truly happy about it.

However, it was also too much for him to take.

His little brother, Lil Yang had never slipped up once in all the years they had been together. Lil Yang had been so obedient and treasured that even Chi Yang himself had thought that there was a problem with him. Yet, at this moment, Lil Yang was about to explode because of his little wife’s passion.

He watched as his little wife kissed him on his Adam’s apple and continued moving downward, unbuttoning the first button on his shirt. It looked like she was about to kiss him on the collarbone when Chi Yang suddenly flipped over and pinned his little wife under his body.

The look in Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes was one of intoxication. A foggy look seductively tinted her big, watery eyes. It was clear she had not noticed that her position had just shifted from being on the top to being pinned on the bottom. She blinked in a daze, looking like a lost little deer. One could not help but instinctively want to protect her.

By the time she recovered from her daze, she attempted to flip back up, but Chi Yang did not dare allow her to do so.

She felt her arms pinned down by Big Brother Chi Yang. Zhong Nuannuan could not stop repeating with a look of dismay, “Big Brother Chi Yang, I want to be on top!”

It could be her lying underneath him or it could have been Chi Yang’s extremely sexy appearance that had gotten Zhong Nuannuan to head-over-heels lustful over him, but her voice suddenly became incredibly seductive.

Just her voice had Chi Yang’s little fellow down below vigorously waving its white flag in surrender.

It was totally defeated by this little lusty seductress!

Chi Yang tried his best to control himself. It took him everything to hold back, but Zhong Nuannuan suddenly kicked off her slippers as she gently caressed his naked ankle with her toes.

As she caressed him, she ordered him with utter dominance, “I want to be on top!”

Chi Yang was so turned on by her, he wanted to roar at the sky to release the lust and passion built up within him. For a moment, there was a look of violent rage on his face as he suddenly came close to her face, clenching his teeth as he asked, “Do you think this is fun?”

If it were somebody else, she would have been scared to death by Chi Yang’s murderous expression.

However, Zhong Nuannuan felt no fear at all.

She knew Chi Yang loved her so much that he would even give his life for her. As long as she did not cheat on him, Zhong Nuannuan could do whatever she wanted in front of Chi Yang.

Armed with this knowledge, Zhong Nuannuan did not have the slightest ounce of dread in her being when facing the Big Brother Chi Yang who was about to erupt.

She was still giggling when confronted with his gnashing teeth. A light fragrance wafted toward Chi Yang’s nose and face. There was a brief sweet scent which was immediately accompanied by a burning sensation.

“Heehee, this is fun! I want to play some more!”

His little wife appeared to him as a seductress who had just walked out of a painting. She was so beautiful it was almost surreal.

Chi Yang realized that his threat was useless against his little wife who had no fear. It was a tragic discovery for him when he understood the fact that not only were his threats ineffective, but he also did not have the power to reject her when faced with his little wife’s coy expectations.