My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Buddhist Tiger

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Big Brother Chi Yang felt devastated.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I’d still like to continue playing the kissing game.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s sickly sweet yet sexy voice rang out once again like a seductress. Chi Yang could not even attempt a rejection as he immediately surrendered, falling under her alluring spell. He could only accept his fate as he laid spread out on the bed, giving in to his little’s wife’s every whim.

At the same time, he prayed silently for his little brother down there to hold on.

His body had always been sensitive to her, and now, with her igniting the flames of passion burning within him, he could not be blamed if he were unable to withstand it. This could only be blamed on an enemy who was too powerful, and who wielded overwhelming firepower.

Zhong Nuannuan was having too much fun teasing Chi Yang’s body.

She grew up overseas and had always been taught to express herself freely whenever she saw something she liked. As such, Zhong Nuannuan was never one to shy away timidly.

She liked Chi Yang, the way he looked, his personality, and his body.

This was why when faced with the unknown, or rather something she had only tried once in her last life but never really took the time to get to know, Zhong Nuannuan was filled with a sense of curiosity and enjoyment.

However, after undoing two buttons, she stopped moving her hands.

This was because she realized there was a change in Big Brother Chi Yang.

Even when in a casual t-shirt, Big Brother Chi Yang had always been a Chastity Type Adonis. So, why was there a nefarious look on his face after she had released two of his buttons?

Sideburns that looked neatly trimmed, eyebrows which looked like they were painted on, lips like peach petals, and eyes like autumn flowers.


Were Big Brother Chi Yang’s eyes not black? Could it be a lighting issue? Why did his eyes look reddish-brown from where she was sitting?

The color of his eyes coupled with his alluring face, and the way he casually laid down on the bed, allowing her to have her way with him, made Zhong Nuannuan feel like she was staring at an enchanting field of poppy flowers slowly in bloom.

He was like an incubus, so good looking it was almost sinful, seducing the hearts and souls of all those who saw him.

Chi Yang had completely given up struggling as he laid there with a peaceful heart, prepared to be served up as a meal, waiting for his fate to befall him and to be picked clean.

However, the little wench stopped after releasing two buttons. She did not move for a long time.

“What’s wrong?”

Chi Yang voiced out, sounding extremely husky. It was a voice that expressed his casual laziness and a reckless need to corrupt the pure.

Zhong Nuannuan’s red lips opened slightly as she looked at Chi Yang in a daze, mumbling, “Big Brother Chi Yang, do you know how handsome you are right now? You could consume one’s humanity with that look.”

Chi Yang was taken aback but was quickly cheered up by his little wife’s words. His resolute blood-iron eyes now looked like blooming peach blossoms as he kept giving Zhong Nuannuan signals with them.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do,” Zhong Nuannuan did not expect her voice to become husky when she said this.

Chi Yang reached out as he slowly placed his hand on his Nuannuan’s exquisite face. He caressed it gently.

“As long as you like it,” he was afraid she would be displeased and push him away.

Zhong Nuannuan could not stop herself howling like a wolf as she watched the casual yet sinful Big Brother Chi Yang sexually enticing her.

She could not stop that feeling of joy in her heart, and the next thing knew, she had bent down once again to kiss him.

Chi Yang, “!!!”

He gasped as he was surprised by the sudden show of force.

This little thing was truly

Could she be any rougher with him?

Chi Yang was supposed to be the one with all the power, but he was just a Buddhist tiger in front of his little wife. Even when things had developed like this, he chose to lay there without moving.