My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 310

Chapter 310: A Man With Upright Values

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It was not that he did not want to move. Rather, he could not move.

He was afraid that any slight movement would make him lose control and he would end up having his way with her.

Zhong Nuannuan suddenly became agile as she quickly flipped away from him and sat up. There was a look of guilt on her little face.

She, she, she What was she sitting on just now?

Zhong Nuannuan’s gaze travelled down Chi Yang’s body.

All she did was give him a kiss and unbutton two buttons on him. His chest was not even fully revealed, yet Lil Yang was looking like it wanted to have action immediately?

“Big Big Brother Chi Yang!”

Zhong Nuannuan gave Chi Yang a sorry look as she suddenly remembered he had allodynia!!!


Chi Yang grunted as he lay still on the bed.

Zhong Nuannuan felt extremely guilty as she saw Chi Yang sweating from trying to hold himself back.

Even though she was a little shy about the situation as she often believed that girls should not be the one to propose this sort of matter, at things stood, Zhong Nuannuan felt that she should take responsibility for what she had done. She was the one in the wrong, and she should make amends for it.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I. can do it.”

There was already a dark look in Chi Yang’s eyes, but after hearing her words, the deep vortex once again reappeared within his eyes.

Zhong Nuannuan crawled toward him when Chi Yang said nothing. She nuzzled into his arms like a kitten, obediently curling up her body without moving.

The vortex in Chi Yang’s dark eyes was quickly replaced by adoration when he saw her placing her head obediently on his chest, not moving an inch.

The strange reddish-brown dark light in his eyes started to diminish as well. Soon, there was only a gentle look left in them.

Chi Yang continued lying down as he tried to calm the tumultuous emotions within him while gently playing with Nuannuan’s soft hair.

“I promised your father not to touch you before we’re married.”

Zhong Nuannuan immediately removed herself from Chi Yang’s arms when she heard this.

“What era do you think we are in? Why are you acting like an antique? We did it together quite a while ago. Is there a difference between one time and a hundred times?”

Chi Yang felt happy when he saw his little wife acting out over this injustice. He could not help reaching out as he gently flicked her on the forehead as a soft ‘thud’ was heard.

However, he got worried he had hurt her when he saw her shoulders shrink back. He quickly touched her on the area where he had flicked her with concern, and only felt better when he confirmed that he had not left a mark on her.

Zhong Nuannuan did not feel pain from the flick, instead, it tickled her. Despite this, when she saw the concern in Chi Yang’s eyes, she felt quite happy. She loved seeing him treating her with adoration; she liked it when he pampered her. The look in his eyes could almost drown her with love.

“You’re still young, so of course there is a difference between once and a hundred times. Even though the promise was made so your father would not worry about this matter, it is also my decision.”

Only heaven knew that it was because he had fallen into Zhong Qianqian’s trap that he ended up raping Nuannuan

However, Zhong Nuannuan was not aware of Chi Yang thoughts. She shook her head vigorously. “I don’t agree! Just look at the women in olden times. They could start giving birth at the age of 15. I’m almost 18-years-old. I’m considered mature.”

“That is because people back then had shorter lives. Girls are allowed to marry only at age 18 in modern society. There must be a good reason for that.”