My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 311

Chapter 311: She Could Not Wait

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Chi Yang rustled Zhong Nuannuan’s hair and pressed it back against his chest. He said, “We’ll wait till the day your turn 18. After collecting our marriage license, I’ll not let you off even if you beg me!”

The thought of Nuannuan turning 18 lit up his eyes, turning red with passionate expectation. He even had to clench his teeth when he spoke.

His little wife was like a heavenly peach hung on a tree right in front of him. It was pure white, fresh, and juicy, filled with temptation as it was displayed in front of a man like him with voracious hunger. The peach was screaming out to him with vigor, ‘Eat me! Eat me! Come on and eat me!’

The more he looked at her, the more tempted he was to ravish her hungrily, but he had to prevent this lethal seduction with utter determination.

Only Chi Yang knew how much restraint he had to practice when faced with Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Nuannuan nestled in Chi Yang’s arms, enjoying the warmth coming from his fiery chest. She suddenly looked up and noticed the beads of sweat continuously appearing on his forehead. Thus, she replied, “Fine. I’ll wait. Although, Big Brother Chi Yang, I can help you do something about it.”

Chi Yang was taken aback. Before he could say anything, he felt a little hand reach out to the danger zone.

The flaming black fire within Chi Yang’s eyes exploded in an instant as a deep, bottomless darkness appeared once again in his eyes. It was a vast, limitless vortex of black in those eyes, and a splash of reddish-brown once again appeared in them, looking like it wanted to fully consume Zhong Nuannuan.

“Damn it!”

Chi Yang got up violently from the bed and flew toward the bathroom, closing the door with a ‘bang’. Next, the flowing sound of water was heard.

Even though there was the sound of the noisy flowing water, it could not cover up the uncomfortable noises coming from Chi Yang. Zhong Nuannuan’s face burned like a flame.

Oh no

What sort of trouble had she caused?!


Zhong Nuannuan slapped herself on the mouth

She loved every inch of skin on Big Brother Chi Yang.

Big Brother Chi Yang was not the only one who had a reaction. She had suffered a reaction too.

Oh, how she wished to lunge at him

He was too shy to even allow her to offer him some help. The thought of another half a year to go before she reached 18 was stifling Zhong Nuannuan.

Half a year

She would be suffocated to death.

One would think the girls would not have any physical reaction when watching the male leads in television dramas flirting and teasing the female leads seductively.


Even though it was not visible, she was suffering a huge physical reaction too.

Zhong Nuannuan, who had been educated overseas since she was young, was now feeling more than a little frustrated.

This would not do. She could not wait for half a year.

She had to come up with a plan to quickly devour her pure-hearted Big Brother Chi Yang.

When Chi Yang walked out of the bathroom, Zhong Nuannuan could feel the chill encompassing his body.

She was stunned. “Big Brother Chi Yang, were you taking a cold shower?”

Zhong Nuannuan’s hair was a little messy and her clothes were all wrinkled. There was a relaxed yet seductive look on her exquisite face. She looked completely different from her usual pure, harmless self.

If Selina were present, she would definitely inform Chi Yang that this was her big boss’ true style!

However, Chi Yang was unaware of this. All he thought was that his little kitten had transformed into a cat demoness. She was relaxed, seductive, and emanating lethal temptation.

She was clearly a sexy seductress who looked extra tempting in a schoolgirl’s uniform.

Even though he never had a fetish for uniforms, but at this moment, Chi Yang was feeling aroused once again as he started burning up despite just having a cold shower

This sequence of events was truly fatal for him!