My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 312

Chapter 312: It Was Better Not To Be Playful

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“Big Brother Chi Yang, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhong Nuannuan’s throat tightened as she stared at Chi Yang, whose hair was still dripping water. When she saw that he was staring back at her with a look as if he wanted to devour her, Zhong Nuannaun was delighted. She twisted her slender waist like a snake as she crawled in the direction of Chi Yang.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, do you feel cold? Come into bed and let me warm you up!”


She wanted to be devoured!

Chi Yang felt his abdomen tightened as he turned back toward the bathroom.

As she listened to the sound of flowing water, Zhong Nuannuan, “”

She knew she should not be so playful with a man who had strong values and was so upright.

If she continued this game, Chi Yang would rather disembowel himself and remove his stomach than devour her completely.

A sarcastic smile appeared on Zhong Nuannuan’s face as she howled and also went to take a shower.

Does Chi Yang think he was the only one who needed to extinguish their flame?


After calming down the burning passion within them, both of them no longer dared to do anything too exciting to each other.

Chi Yang helped Zhong Nuannuan blow-dry her hair like a gentleman. He carried her in his arms without saying a word, as if the most valuable treasure in the world was in his hands. He placed her gently onto the bed and told her his thoughts, “I’d like to sleep with you tonight.”

Zhong Nuannuan immediately made space for him when she saw the yearning in Chi Yang’s eyes. “I’d like to sleep with you too.”

A good-looking smile formed on Chi Yang’s lips. It was a smile that was capable of coercing Zhong Nuannuan into committing another sinful act. “I’ll accompany you then.”


They laid down together in bed without doing anything overly exciting. All they did was hold hands, in case, for fear of igniting their passion once again.


It was only around 9 pm, how were they able to go to sleep?

“I’ve forgotten to massage you and give you acupuncture!”

Zhong Nuannuan suddenly remembered this not long after lying down. Her head had previously been filled with dirty thoughts so she forgot all about it.

Chi Yang could not go to sleep either. He laid there, watching Nuannuan’s embarrassing antics as his eyes twinkled.

“Did you bring your needles?”

“I did. They’re always on standby in my school bag!”

Zhong Nuannuan jumped from bed as she said this. She then took out the needles from her schoolbag.

Chi Yang had experienced his little’s wife’s massage and acupuncture techniques a few days ago, and he found it very soothing.

This was why he did not take any medication today, as he was afraid it would make him fall asleep.

He wanted to know what it felt like to hug his little wife to sleep today.


“Yes?” Zhong Nuannuan’s hands were gently massaging Chi Yang’s head as she replied in a very soft voice.

“This feels so good.”

A smile appeared on Zhong Nuannuan’s lips.


“Can I make a request for acupuncture every day?”

“Of course, you can. As long as you are not out for a mission, you can stop by the condo whenever you’re free. If you’re busy, I’ll go look for you at the military base. If you continue with the acupuncture for three months, the blood clot in your brain will completely dissipate and you will no longer have any migraines.”

Chi Yang looked at Nuannuan. “How did you know there was a blood clot in my brain?”

Only his grandfather and a few trustworthy friends knew about this.

When Zhong Nuannuan had asked him about his medical condition that day, he did not dare to tell her about this.

He was afraid if she knew about the blood clot in his brain, she would stay away from him because of his health condition.

However, his Nuannuan seemed to know everything.

She knew about the blood clot in his brain, and even know who long it would take for the blood clot to completely disappear.

Zhong Nuannuan, “”

Should she tell him that she could see the internal structure of his brain?

Zhong Nuannuan struggled with this question, but she soon found that her mouth was already providing a fake answer out of habit.

“People say that if something is opened up, there will be no pain; If there is pain, something must be blocked. This was the problem with Uncle Leng, and it’s the same problem you have,” Zhong Nuannuan almost bit her tongue when she said this.