My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Keep In Contact Via Messaging

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Chi Yang closed his eyes to rest, which caused Zhong Nuannuan to think that Chi Yang had fallen asleep. After she was done with the massage, she lightened the pressure and started inserting needles into his head.

The blood circulation in his head sped up after the needles were inserted. Chi Yang could even feel his head relaxing after the silver needles were inserted.

Chi Yang had planned to pretend to go to sleep, but he soon genuinely dozed off during this comfortable experience.

Zhong Nuannuan gently removed the needles after half an hour. Despite the dizzying sensation in her head improving from the day before, she was still unable to hold on for long. Thus, she collapsed into a deep sleep the moment she laid down and nestled herself into Chi Yang’s arms.

Chi Yang was woken up by a ringing phone.

He had been sleeping quite soundly.

He woke up at the first ring of the phone. A vicious look flashed across his eyes as he quickly picked up the phone.

At the same time, he turned to the side and glanced at the girl nestled in his arms and sleeping. He was about to get up and answer the call when he saw that there was no sign of her waking up.

However, the girl frowned with unrest the moment he moved. He had previously managed to move her head a little away from himself, but the next thing he knew, she was acting like a little koala as she snuggled up to him.

Her leg moved over his and she used his chest as a pillow, moving little by little until she was positioned over his heart. Her ear rested right where his heart was before she finally went quiet and continued sleeping soundly.

Chi Yang placed the covers properly over her again and changed the phone to silent mode before hanging up.

Yang Yi had no idea why his Big Boss would want to decline his call when he saw the call had ended. He gazed at the clock and saw that it was only 0:30.

Just as he was wondering if something had happened to his Big Boss, he received a message.

[What do you want?]

His big boss, who would never take a call if he could have a face-to-face conversation, and would never send messages if he could be on a call, had actually done the unthinkable and sent Yang Yi a message.

Yang Yi started to go into attack mode as a bright twinkle appeared in his eyes.

[Big Boss, did something happen? Do you need my help?]

Yang Yi had just returned from studying overseas and was quite anxious to earn some merit, but Chi Yang had only given him the task of protecting Zhong Nuannuan.

It was not that he was unwilling to accept this mission. Zhong Nuannaun was, after all, the future Mrs. director-general. Thus, it was his honor to protect her.

For example, he had done well today to protect her against those who had bad intentions toward her or wanted to physically harm her. However, a mission like this was not really up to par with his abilities.

That was why he wanted to be by the side of his Big Boss, even if it meant an early death.

Something must have happened with his Big Boss if he was receiving a message at this time.

Yang Yi was thinking of this agitatedly when Chi Yang sent another message.

[Keep in contact via messaging after 10 pm in the future.]

Yang Yi, “”

[Yes, Big Boss! Big Boss, do you have any mission for me?] Yang Yi asked without giving up.

[Protecting her is your most important mission. How is your investigation going?]

[Reporting to Big Boss, the buyer’s name is Xue Miqi, an intern at Jia Yong. She has no influential family background. I’ve found out she had clashed with Miss Nuannuan quite a few times back in school, but they these incidences were all caused by Zhong Qianqian. This time, it seems quite likely that her actions had something to do with Zhong Qianqian. How do you want to settle this?]

Only the phone screen was lit up in the dark room.

Chi Yang’s eyes narrowed dangerously. The vicious look in his eyes was overflowing.

The thought of those scumbags hanging around Nuannuan made Chi Yang want to tear them apart.