My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Arrested

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“No, no I didn’t! I didn’t instruct her! I didn’t know about this at all. I called her at 8 o’clock the night before yesterday, but she said that she wanted to borrow 30,000 yuan from me to buy a dress. She’s making unfounded accusations!”

“Zhong Qianqian, how shameless can you be? It’s clearly you! You’re the one who ordered me to do this! You’re the one who bears hatred against Zhong Nuannuan, because Zhong Nuannuan made you lose Chi Yang, Aiden and Gu Mingzhe. You couldn’t stand to see her doing better than you, and that’s why you wanted to get rid of her. You’re a malicious, evil-hearted white lotus!

“Besides, at that time, you were also the one who pushed Zhou Jinhui down! I saw it clearly from the side. Although Zhou Jinhui had an epilepsy episode while arguing with Zhong Nuannuan, he did not fall down the stairs. However, in order to intensify the conflict between Zhou Jinhui and Zhong Nuannuan, you pushed him during his episode, which made him fall to his death. You were scared of going to jail, so you knelt and begged Zhong Nuannuan, and Zhong Nuannuan agreed to help you in this matter. Zhong Nuannuan is so good to you, but because the partner whom your dad introduced to you likes your sister instead of you, you wanted to kill your sister!

“I’ve done so many things for you, but now you’re accusing me and framing me! Why don’t you go to hell?”

After saying that, Xue Miqi furiously pounced forward and choked Zhong Qianqian.

Zhong Qianqian was just a brainless two-faced white lotus, and with this one chokehold, she acted as if she was dying.

The case-handling officers immediately separated the two, then took away Zhong Qianqian, who was about to fall unconscious, and Xue Miqi, who was having a breakdown.

The whole classroom completely erupted, and all the students asked Zhong Nuannuan if she was alright. This was especially so for those three roommates, who almost exploded in anger at Zhong Qianqian, and repeatedly called for justice.

Only Young Master Leng, who knew that Zhong Nuannuan was really a T-Rex, was surprisingly calm.

At this moment, he only felt that Zhong Nuannuan was a pit. Not only that, she was a pit full of spikes.

Anyone who thought that she was a softie and wanted to step on her would end up falling into the pit, disappearing without a trace.

Seeing the concern in the students’ eyes, Zhong Nuannuan felt quite touched.

Although she had met a few particularly annoying white lotuses when she came to this ordinary world that was completely devoid of sword fights and knife battles, apart from these rare few, whether it was the people in Chi Yang’s military base, her roommates, or these classmates who she was not close to, they were all kind and had good intentions.

Maybe she it was impossible to live a life without any white lotuses in the future, but she believed that as long as she was dedicated to good, the sins she had comitted would fade away little by little, and her life would gradually get better.

Although the case of Zhong Qianqian and Xue Miqi hiring a murderer had caused a big uproar, the students’ main job was to study.

Therefore, Teacher Liu allowed everyone to act out their excitement for a while, but the class eventually started.

Zhong Nuannuan took out her cell phone and sent a message to Chi Yang.

[Are you behind Zhong Qianqian’s arrest?]

[Yeah. Zhong Qianqian is the mastermind behind this incident, Xue Miqi is an accomplice, and both of them launched an attack against you. Even if Zhong Qianqian is your sister, I’ll never let her go. You don’t need to try to persuade me because it will be useless.]

Whenever he thought about Zhong Qianqian rushing to ruin his fiance’s life, Chi Yang felt nothing but fury.

This time, since he had managed to catch Zhong Qianqian red-handed, he wanted to go as far as he could. He was adamant not to let this disgusting woman come out to loiter around them again.